If I repent and intend to go to Confession, what state am I in?

If I sin and repent and intend to go to confession at the earliest time that I am able, what state am I in until I am able to get to confession? Assuming that I have truly repented, taken appropriate actions to not commit the sin again, and asked God for his forgivness and guidance? I don’t think one would be in a state of grace and would not plan on going to communion until after confession.

Dear J.

If you have committed a mortal sin, you are in the state of serious sin UNTIL you receive absolution from a priest or make an act of perfect contrition should you be in danger of death. Perfect contrition consists if repenting solely out of love for the Lord and not because of any self interest. The problem with perfect contrition, is that it is impossible to know how perfect one’s contrition is. Nevertheless, should one die with the intention of confessing one’s sins without being able to do so, one is still approaching the Lord of Mercy. He never turns away a repentant heart.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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