If I see a protestant leading others the wrong way with their doctrine should I correct them?

Today, while I was on the forums of NoFap I saw in a group called “Christian Fapstronauts” someone say, “Don’t worry you can never lose salvation”. I want to correct them, but I am not sure if I am the right person to do that or if God would even want me to do it. It is a group mostly full of Protestants. Thank you.


I prolly wouldn’t go on a forum with that name to begin with.

But if I were to engage that person in the forum, it would be like, “I hear that a lot. The Catholic Church sees salvation a bit differently like… because …”

And then not get too much deeper than that.
You may not convince the OP, but there may be lurkers who are either convinced or else strengthened by your statement.


It is a website where many people who are suffering an addiction to lust get help. It is safe.


LOL, thanks for clearing that up

On the internet, you just. never. know :slightly_smiling_face:

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Even among Protestants, there is disagreement on losing salvation. My husband was raised in a Pentecostal church, a large denomination that taught that a Christian CAN lose their salvation. I was raised in a Baptist church, and we were taught that a Christian can NEVER lose their salvation. While we were dating, we had many lively discussions, going back and forth with our Bibles open, about this issue!

We’ve been part of several Protestant denominations during our marriage (before converting to Catholicism in 2004!), and they all had differing views on the issue of “eternal security.”

I would say to speak up, but don’t have a mindset of “correcting them.” Instead, just share what the Catholic Church teaches, in a loving way. And listen to what they are saying, too–if you want them to listen to you, you kind of have to be courteous and listen to them.

You probably won’t convert anyone, but you will probably plant some seeds, and some of those people will think about what you are telling them about Catholicism, and later in their lives, they will check out Holy Mother Church! So speak up and plant those seeds!


I’m dead. :rofl:

People like myself who believe in “once saved always saved” are not monsters. We see a wonderful truth from the scriptures and we express our convictions about it. It’s that simple.


It depends upon commission of mortal sin, which is grave sin entered into with full knowledge and with deliberate consent. Obviously lots of Catholics sometimes commit grave sin, but is it always, or even regularly, done with both full knowledge and with deliberate consent? Grave matter certainly severs the grave sinner from full communion with the Church, regardless of knowledge or consent. Protestants are not in full communion with the Church. Therefore Catholics who commit grave sin sort of make themselves Protestants. What does the Catechism say about whether Protestants have salvation, and whether they can lose salvation? The Catechism bases the salvation of Protestants upon their faith in Christ.

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This kind of answer is puzzling. If Protestants are not in full communion with the Church, then neither are Catholics. But I do know that many Protestants are in full communion with Christ and that is the best kind of communion.



Pray for them, as they answer for souls.

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All Catholics who avoid grave sin are indeed in full communion with the Body of Christ. How do you support your view to the contrary?


It is not funny. You have no idea what me and all of those other people are going through.

Thank you all for your responses. I am most grateful for them.

When you say you are in full communion with the body of Christ, that would include me because I too am a member of that body. But in what way are you in full communion with the entire body of Christ?

I think most people kind of have an idea. Lust, pornography, and masturbation aren’t exactly uncommon sins, nor is the addiction to them uncommon.

Of course, but most people are not fighting it. You have to experience it yourself to truly know it. However, do not ever… and I mean ever do it. It feels as if you will never escape it and resisting it is like torture. You can’t describe it in the right way.

On a Catholic forum that tends to lean towards orthodoxy, I’m not sure that’s a safe assumption.

I’m not trying to make light of it. I’m just pointing out that the experience isn’t that unique among Christians.

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The name of that forum definitely is hilarious, especially when you’re reading it on a Catholic forum and see “NoFap”.

Yeah, I do. I’m not making light of your struggle. The term is just a really funny thing to see on Catholic Answers.

How much do you know about the poster?

What in the world is a Fapstronaut?!

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