If I Wanted to Start New Religion

and make it where I could not be truly second-guessed discovered…

I would write my own Scripture using a group of people no one can verify living in a place no one can find who wrote in a language no linguist will say existed.

And if I wanted to make it sound Biblical, I would write it in King James English (though no one in my time talks that way) and pepper it with lots of “and it came to pass”.

That is what I would do.

Sorry, you’re too late. It’s already been done.

Oh please, not again! :smiley:

Just write some bad sci-fi novels and then invent a religion based around it.

It worked for L. Ron Hubbard!


Don’t forget to write it on some copper scrolls and bury them for a couple of thousand years.

Make sure to specify that the individual’s opinions/feelings on a subject trump any actual authority on the matter.

I hear people enjoy religion where they get to play God and decide for themselves what is truly right or wrong, so maybe toss in something about being your own god and they’ll bite?

Hubby and I often joke about opening a church called “The Church of God and Stuff” and tell everyone that as long as they believe in God (in whatever form they choose to believe), they can decide what else they can believe and they’ll be justified/supported by our church. It’s tempting; just IMAGINE how many people would flock to us! We’d be RICH! :smiley:

Already been done. See Flip Wilson’s Rev. Leroy of “The Church o’ What’s Happening Now.”

St Adam and Eve Nudist Baptist Church.

:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

There are still new sects being put up everywhere by people making their own interpretation of Scripture. Its not like this is something that can never happen today. It happens a lot today.

You forgot going to hell.:smiley:

Yes, you need that too:p

You forgot a key element. Inspiration from a being greater than youself.

Oh my wife will be there.

:thumbsup: Flip was great, but not as good as Cosby.

Yes, that would be being forced to sing all 27 verses of “Trust and Obey” as slow as possible by the Bob Jones University elderly ladies choir on a piano that hasn’t been tuned for five years.

Your approach sounds like way too much work.

I’d suggest 1-2 years traveling in India, Nepal & Tibet, then come back and publish your writings as your own scripture. Set up shop in Hollywood and convert the stars. If you can pretend to have special powers, it will help. As I recall that TM guy could levitate, (or bounce if you’re a skeptic). Ohh, open a bank account for donations

If you are insistent on forming a Christian based denomination, take the protestant route and just start a television program and build your mega church.

Several times to late! :wave::yeah_me::egyptian:

What’s your point?


Don’t forget to change your name to Joseph Smith and call it the book of momon!

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