If I were to attend an Eastern Catholic Church, Would I be able to partake in Eucharist

If I were to attend an Eastern Orthodox Church, say a Ukrainian Catholic, would I be able to partake in Eucharist?
I know I can’t if I go to a Protestant, or even an Orthodox Church, but since the Eastern Catholic Churches are in communion with the Pope, I wasn’t sure. Is there any restrictions either in the Roman or Eastern Catholic Churches that say I cant.
(P.S. This has probably been asked a thousand times)

Hmm…First things first: the Ukrainian Catholic Church is not an Eastern Orthodox Church but is an Eastern Catholic Church and as a Catholic you surely can partake in the Eucharist in a Ukrainian Catholic Church.

As for the Eastern Orthodox Churches, whether you are allowed to partake in Communion is up to the Orthodox. An Eastern Orthodox priest may object.

So yes, please remember Ukrainian Catholics are Catholics, not Eastern Orthodox. We are in communion with Rome.

God Bless.

Good to know.

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“Receive the body of Christ; taste the Fountain of immortality.”
-communion hymn

I meant to say Catholic church, but it was 12:30 at night, I get confused then. Thanks for informing me.

Don’t worry. I am always confused when I post, p.m. or a.m. :smiley:

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