If I were to become saintly today, hypothetically speaking, would I get mystical experiences?

Just out of curiosity. Given that I were to become saintly today, would I also get (good) mystical experiences of God/His angels, as other saints in the past have experienced?

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**Eugen von Böhm-Bawerk **

It’s important to note that not all the saints received such experiences. It would be the same with you. You might or you might not, depending on God’s will and your spiritual capacity and needs.

More probably you would suffer more. All the Saints suffered in some way, and they accepted it as a gift from God to be offered up. Suffering, properly accepted, strengthens our soul and faith like exercising strengthens our muscles. So, if you ask God to strengthen your faith, get ready to suffer. And, when you do, thank Him.

Without temptation, there is no virtue. Without suffering, we do not become wise. Philosophy is the study of wisdom. Wisdom comes from suffering.

It also depends on how we define saints. Saints are not necessarily people who achieve earthly perfection. They’re people whose hearts are turned more fully to God than most of us. Mystical experiences can occur well before they’re recognized as saints or have achieved some sort of sinlessness/holiness. In any case it’s God alone who gives these gifts and decides who will have them.

As others have said, there is really no way to tell for sure. It might depend on what form of “saintly” you embrace and also what you would qualify as “mystical experiences”.

But taking these things in the “broadest sense”, I would say yes you would receive “mystical experiences” from God. These could be as small as hearing and knowing his voice in your mind, to dreams or other “locutions” that are likewise small and undramatic.

The thing to remember though is that “becoming saintly”, while it is a decision, is more importantly a journey. One that requires great soul searching, suffering, denial of self, and a giving over to God. And - while you can expect consolation from God you can also expect temptation and pain from the devil.


Maybe. Maybe not. I can’t help but think of Mother Teresa, certainly a saintly person, and the years of darkness she experienced.

No, because being a Saint is primarily about loving God and doing His will. Often it involves suffering as well. Not all Saints had mystical experiences, only if there was a reason for this. God leads each person according to a unique path to holiness.

Ok, I haven’t got my references available, but one of the greatest mystics and saints, St. Teresa of Avila, also a Doctor of the Church, gave very severe warnings to others about associating saintliness with mystical experiences - mainly because they are more trouble than they’re worth, and if you read her works you will see that they caused her great pain and humiliation. Levitation was one of the phenomena she experienced among several others, for example, and she talks about having to be held down by the other sisters while praying so as not to make a spectacle of herself in the chapel.

Mainly however, the reason she discourages others from seeking these experiences is because they invite a whole set of new problems. The question arises, what is the source of the experience - is it God, man or the devil? St. Teresa became very fearful and distrustful of these experiences herself because of the scrutiny she was placed under by confessors and the criticism from other nuns who believed the source was the devil, The Church will always err on the side of caution, usually until many years after the saint’s death, to make sure that the source of the experiences was divine.

So a true saint really would do the exact opposite of seeking mystical experiences, they would instead be focussed on uniting their will with God’s and being a faithful witness to Christ. Any genuine mystical experiences that might occur on the way would be like the unintended by-product of their close relationship with God.


You could but it’s not something we are suppose to seek. Many who have reached the Unitive State didn’t experience mystical phenomena.

Hopefully you are not doing the Simon the magician move here,

But, be that as it may.

Curiosity aside…way aside…If you were to become suddenly and persistently saintly today…this moment…it would be beyond your deepest expectations.

and…then again…in your current state of mind…it would probably be a big let down because a lot of it has to do with humility…humility.

St. Therese of Jesus once was encouraged by Jesus to flog herself until her back was very bloody…Jesus told her (personal revelation) this is how I treat my friends…St. Therese answered…“that’s why you have so few friends”…

You think you are prepared???

In hoc signo vinces.

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