If I won a lottery, whats the most Catholic thing i could do with this money?


I mean i dont wanna feel greed or any kind of that. I just wanna do the will of God with this much money if I won the lottery.


How much money?


Depends on what you think. Its just a curious question


Have you won?

The Pope spoke last week on this topic, quite coincidentally. He stated that all monies should be donated to Cecilia_Dympna’s gin fund. I’ll PM you the bank account details.

I just like to help.


Yes, I remember reading that too.


i don’t enter lotteries because every lotto shop here has a statue of a buddha with the words rub the belly for good luck

false idols. just say not


i do remember something about cecilia’s fund for wayward chatters and the exhorbhetant (see can’t even spell) cost of rehabilitation

Even doctor phil won’t get involved.


And “gin” of course stands for GottapaymVitus’ Institutionofhighlearning 'Normousbillsandwhycouldn’twethinkofaneasieracronym. :wink:


I’d say help people with it of course, but it depends on how much you’d like to be involved in that helping. If you don’t want to help then it would be quickest to give it to a charity but if you’d get joy from being very involved then choose perhaps local charities etc to donate some to along with your time. There are so many ways to use money in a charitable way. I’d pray hard on it for some weeks if necessary.

Some might say that the most Catholic thing to do with it would involve Catholic charities.


I’d fund as many parish St. Vincent de Paul conferences as I could.


I already have a deal with Jesus that if I hit the lottery I’ll split it with Him. I would likely give most of it to a church I know of that’s in dire need of repair. And some to the missions and to the poor in USA.


Many of the official lotteries in USA fund state aid programs. In most states the money is used primarily for aid to schools. In one state where I play, it goes to programs for the elderly. So I am basically donating to those in need by playing a few times a week, as the odds of winning the games I play are very low.

I can easily afford the tickets, don’t play excessively and don’t gamble at all other than this. I play primarily in memory of my mother, as lottery was something we did together during the last year of her life.


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