If I'm in a state of mortal sin, but have planned Confession this week, will God hear and answer my prayers now?

Thank you,
Eugen von Böhm-Bawerk

God always hears prayers.

I understand that we receive grace when we pray and the grace we receive could very well lead us to confession. In the autobiography of Saint Anthony Mary De Claret he writes of a lady who committed many horrible, dreadful sins against her husband and neighbors and one day, she just went to confess with the Saint. The Saint was impressed with how after living such a sinful life she just decided to confess all her dreadful sins and asked her if she ever prayed during all those sinful years of her life. The lady said that every day she said what use to be a popular prayer at the time (it was actually part of the liturgy of the Mass - but, I forget right now) which is only a couple of lines and it is to Our Lady. The Saint wrote that it was this that lead her to confess. Hence, we receive graces when we pray even when in a state of mortal sin.

I understand that God loves the sinners too and does not abandon them. I would say go and confess as soon as you can because mortal sins do separate us from God and you do not want to be kept at a distance from him. Meanwhile, pray all you want, your prayers are still good.



As my confessor recently said: Christ’s heart beats for the sinners!
So yes, even when in a state of deadly sin, He listenes to all our thoughts and prayers and patienly waits for us to turn back to Him.
And if one plans to go to confession there must be contrition so that the flame of love in our hearts is not smothered but still burns. A bit dimmed perhaps, but that is what confession is for, so that this flame can burn all the brighter afterwards.

And what is your mortal sin? speak up.

We have to keep on praying. Yes offer all that we do, think and say to Abba. His love for us never ends or diminishes, whether we sin or not. So if you’ve planned confession you’re already on your way back to Him and He’s just eagerly awaiting you to kill the fattened calf and to have a lavish feast to celebrate your return. So go quickly and put on your new robe and wear your ring with Abba’s loving blessings.

That, Sir or Madam, would be none of your business.


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