If Imus had called USCCB Pedophiles

Just a thought: if Imus, or any other person with a mic would’ve slammed a particular bishop or group of bishops, or any Catholic group, would there have been ANY reaction???

(Not saying what he said was okay, but just wondering what you think)

The Catholic League would have reacted, but that’s about it. You wouldn’t see this massive news coverage.

Imus did take shots at the Catholic Church and his producer Bernard McGerick sp?, did a spoof imitating a cardinal.
The also used the Lords name in vain as they did their mock prayer.


BTW, while I was listening to a talk show on the subject of Don Imus, a woman caller gave an opinion on why she things Imus was actually fired, and it had nothing to do with Al Sharpton or protest, as CBS and MSNBC claim.

Her opinion, and it’s just that, but makes sense, is that Imus was fired because Imus and his wife were advertising and promoting their Greening the Cleaning products. Imus constantly referred to the toxic chemicals used in common cleaning products.
Well, guess who the major advertisers for CBS and MSNBC are?

Procter and Gambel.

Also, Imus and his wife fought the drug companies and even tried to get legislation passed, which would ban the use of thiomerisol in vaccines.

All opinion, but it sure makes more sense than any of the other reasons given.


TCL would only respond if the attacker was a non-Catholic.

FYI, Don Imus had William Donahue president and founder of the Catholic League on his program, a few times.


You will not see Donohue speak out against a person who claims to be Catholic…he keeps his loyalties in the family, even if the family member is wrong. I have lost all respect for the man.

Not true. He criticised the Bishops actions in the sex abuse scandals.


He routinely speaks out against Catholics for a Free Choice, Call to Action, and many other groups and people that claim to still be Catholic.

Just like any organization or person he has to pick and choose his battles. Just because he might not pick the battles you might like doesn’t mean there is a hidden agenda.

It is not a matter of things I like or don’t like. A great example is the Sean Hannity fiasco, BD refused to say a word, and he does that all the time when it is a so-called Catholic.

Catholic orgs. would have made an outcry while the MSM would have made us out to be crybabies. Perfect example of double standard. Catholic libel happens every day. My co-workers sometimes openly mock the church to my face. They think they’re just joking with me, but I don’t laugh.

What’s Sean Hannity have to do with the Catholic League and William Donahue?


Sean Hannity essentially attacked a good Priest on his show, while also propogating his long held belief that the Church is wrong about its teachings about contraception. Sean has rountinely attacked the faith, and the Pope, and yet BD never says a word. Nothing, nadda, zip. BD is not about to say something against his good buddy.

As I said before the Catholic League has to pick and choose its battles. The question is did anyone write in and complain about the incident with proof, times, etc. If so maybe they had a reason. But to say the “You will not see Donohue speak out against a person who claims to be Catholic” is not true. He goes after people like that all the time. But the Catholic League is the only group that knows why, so ask them.

Of course this is going off topic.

That was seriously my first thought when I found out he was fired…“They react so strongly to this and yet no one says a thing with Catholicism is attacked…” God help us.

I, and many, many others have asked them exactly that and they refuse to say why. Just because they call themselves Catholic, does not mean they are truly Catholic.

I do think that anti-Catholic slams are generally embraced, not condemned.

After my original post I found this article titled


I have to admitt, I watch The View sometimes just to hear what kind of crazy stuff is out there and being accepted as the norm to so many of this nation’s housewives. Bill Maher was on and went into a rant about the idea that “drugs are good and religion is dangerous.” It shocks me that no one says anything ever. It didn’t surprise me that he was mentioned in this article.

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