If it wasn't for Catholics, would R.C. Sproul have a ministry?


I listen to Christian radio every now and then to better understand our separated brethren and I have come across R.C. Sproul’s show a couple of times and he strikes me as a protestant that is very close to being in line with the Catholic faith **or ** he is a very slick anti-catholic. Which is it?


not all protestants are anti Catholic, especially the ones who
are familiar with Catholic teaching… in fact, when i first started
learning about the Catholic church, i was shocked to learn
that the beliefs were not that much dissimilar to the ones i
had been raised with… i was raised in a baptist church…

the reason we hear mostly anti-Catholic things are because
the more anti-anything someone is, the more vocal they are…

so, it’s the anti-Catholic ones who yell the most, and the loudest…



R.C. Sproul is **fairly ** anti-catholic. He thinks that most Catholics are not saved, that the Church was and is wrong on justification, and ecumenism is wrong. He has written books by the titles “Faith Alone” and “Scripture Alone.”

But he is not over the top. He is not a Jack Chick fan, or a fan of randomly bashing Catholics. He also states that a man who has no works doesn’t have “saving faith.” So he’s not completely “anti-catholic.”


R.C. Sproul is a staunch Calvinist.
I haven’t seen him do any specific attacking of the Catholic church, though.
I read his book “CHOSEN BY GOD” which deals with the issue of Predestination, and he definitely comes down on the hardline Calvinist side of the fence on this issue.
Love, Jaypeeto3


ya know… i been thinking about the actual wording of
the name of this thread…

and in fact, there would be NO christian ministry of
ANY kind without the Catholic Church…




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