If it weren't for cable, I wouldn't have TV

So, this week is apparently “premiere” week for all the networks, and I can’t think of a single thing I would ever want to watch (except for the returning “House,” which seems to have jumped the shark already.) There’s some show on ABC that looks like a huge rip-off of MTV’s “If You Really Knew Me.” I’m just glad there’s “Weeds” and “The Big C” on Showtime.

Anyone else ready to toss their TV out the widow? I’m almost there… :frowning:

We only use our TV to watch movies from Netflex. Can’t remember when we watched an actual channel, it’s been so long ago. Don’t miss it at all and am not interested in cable or satellite.

Hubby and I don’t have cable either. We have basic local stations (which we don’t pay for because we use the digital antenna! :extrahappy:) overwise I wouldn’t have TV except for DVDs. Only things I really watch are Grey’s Anatomy and How I Met Your Mother but I really only watch it whenever I remember. We’re thinking about just getting Netflicks though because they do offer the ability to watch TV shows and DVDs since our local video store is running on short supply these days. :shrug:

You can survive without Cable! When I had cable before we married I mainly watched TLC, Discovery, Lifetime, and sometimes History Channel. I just didn’t have the time and the vast majority of programming I didn’t care for. Now I find I care less and less for the content of even local channels and PBS is extremely liberal at times (especially the scientific shows)! :eek:

My vote is go without cable and get antenna if you must have some kind of TV. It’s free and at least you’re not actively paying for some of the junk out there. Also look into Netflicks because I know they have a lot of different TV shows available and some are even recent episodes from that season! :wink:

I think you’re perhaps just a bit too cynical.

We’ve never had cable and never will. If they would allow me to pick which channels I want, I would possibly be interested. But the only channels I would want would be ESPN and EWTN. I would never be willing to pay for a package of channels that I have problems with.

We’re not huge TV fanatics, but we find plenty to watch on network TV. We both love watching football (my favorite is the Fox commentators)–our whole family loves football. Also, we watch any figure skating competitions, but I’ll admit that I prefer watching these on icenetwork.com because they show the entire competition, all competitors, not just a few that the journalists pick out. And the Olympics–every two years, we become utter Olympics devotees, spending hours at a stretch watching Americans win medals!

We started watching The Biggest Loser last season for the first time (it’s been on 9 years already–wow). I found it very inspiring, and I hooked up with a registered dietician and have lost 50 pounds since last year. I hope to lose another 50 this year, and I think *Biggest Loser *will continue to inspire me. I have a friend who actually bought all nine seasons of this show because she finds it so uplifting. Yes, the female trainer uses the “a” word way too much for my liking, but she makes up for it by her caring attitude towards her clients. Whenever I’m working out, I actually imagine her yelling at me to make me keep moving and not give up! And yes, I know that the diet and exercise program that the contestants use is not realistic for people who don’t live on the Biggest Loser ranch. I can figure that out. The show is still inspiring to me.

My husband was a huge Lost fan, and also loves Heroes and Flash Forward. I never watched any of these shows, but I understand that they tell great stories.

We both loved the show The Unit–this was an amazing show about the Special Forces. It was very pro-American and conservative and also managed to give a very fair viewpoint of religion, and from what I understand, military bases all over the world tuned in to watch this great show. Too bad it only lasted four seasons, but they were great seasons.

And of course, there’s the local news. I like to know what’s going on in my city. Yes, I suppose you could say that the news reporters are liberally biased, but it’s easy enough in my city to check out the real facts. Also, political bias doesn’t really make a difference when they’re reporting on a local murder, a car accident, fire, death of a soldier, opening of a new business, closing of an old business, unemployment figures (16.9% in our city!), special event in the city (concert, festival, etc.) etc.

This year, the only show that has caught our attention is Outsourced. My husband is an systems administrator, so he has plenty of traffic with India. We think this show will be hilarious. We also think it will be off the air in two weeks once the Indians realize how insulting the show is to them!

I think the show starring Jimmy Smits looks interesting, but I probably won’t watch it–too much effort. But I like Jimmy Smits.

We both like watching Jay Leno’s “Headlines.” That’s about the only thing we watch from the Tonight Show, but we watch it faithfully. I like Jay Leno and always have. I think he’s been married longer than me and my husband (31 years for us)–that’s a good thing in Hollywood.

Finally, we have watched Saturday Night Live since the beginning and will probably continue to watch it. Right now, the cast is shaping up to be another great cast. I don’t agree that the original cast was the best cast–back then, so many skits glorified recreational drug use and drunkenness–not funny, IMO. Now there are a lot of great parodies of politicians, including Pres. Obama. Yes, the show has its bad seasons and skits, but there’s enough laughs that we still watch it.

My wife and I don’t have cable. But I like my video games and she watches DVD’s, so we have a TV. I also connected a spare computer to the TV so we watch TV shows online and use the TV as a monitor.

Cheaper than cable, same effect.

So yeah, we have a use for the ol’ TV still.

We have Dish with a DVR, we never watch commercials. It’s incredibly expensive for the package we have, about $100 a month, but that is our only source of entertainment.

I tape 15 or more EWTN programs, which are excellent. Discovery and Science have programs that add to my faith about the creation of the universe and earth. I take a lot of “virtual” vacations via television.

I don’t enjoy sitcomes, but I do like “reality” television which is hardly real, but …

Ice Road Truckers, LA Ink, COPs, Biggest Loser, the world news programs of course, Heros, etc.

Like others here, it’s unbelievable how we receive over 100 programs and still at times can’t find a decent thing to watch.

I admire those who have given up their televisions, it’s something I’ve considered many times. I can find a lot of EWTN programming now online through EWTN youtube.

I think cable and regular tv have plenty to offer. I can’t wait for NCIS and Criminal Minds. There is at least one show a night on the regular tv stations that I am a fan of.

Youtube has made cable meaningless to me. I haven’t even had cable in 8 years or so…don’t miss it except maybe the classic movie channel.

If I could watch 19 Kids and Counting on a network channel instead of TLC we’d be getting rid of cable in a heartbeat and watching via Netflix or Roku. But until this show goes off the air or goes on network channels, we’ll be keeping the cable. I need my weekly fix!

Yes, already did. We occasionally watch a show we like or movie on DVD via the computer w/ a large screen. Our kids like the portable player.

Non-cable shows I follow include:
The Simpsons
The Event (series premiere is tonight)
Human Target
The Big Bang Theory
The Office
Parks & Recreation

The only cable series I can think of that I follow are Caprica and Stargate: Universe

Why watch people getting paid to do stupid things on TV when you can watch people do stupid things impromptu on youtube? I got rid of cable because it was too expensive. You can watch ewtn live via the internet. I bought a nettop computer that’s attached to the back of my tv, and I can watch whatever I want. Now that the apple tv is “cheaper”, I bought one of those as well so I can stream music throughout my apartment without turning up the volume and bothering the neighbors.

TV in general is so derivative.

We haven’t had cable TV in the 11 years we’ve been married. Around here a modest cable TV package (a movie channel or two) costs $75+ a month. A quick burst of math shows that I’ve saved about $10,000 over that time frame!!!

In the last year, we quit renting videos locally and have a $10/month Netflix membership that includes unlimited watch instantly use. That plus our attic antenna which gets us about 9 free local channels is plenty. There’s more to life than TV, after all.

I agree with a lot of the posters here. I finally freed myself from my satellite package around 8 months ago and it’s the best thing i’ve ever done. I only miss the news channels because i’m a news junkie.

I also have and HD antenna so I get all of the ota channels for free in brilliant HD. I have a netflix subscription for movies and tv series and I’m seriously considering buying a boxee box once it comes out. I have their software installed on my computer and it’s awesome. It gathers all sorts of legal free content from the internet from movies to tv episodes from the official websites as well as youtube and other sources.

If anybody is curious go here, boxee.tv/ it’s like a roku box but better :slight_smile:

i also have boxee, but haven’t used it forever. The big thing for me is accessibility, which is why I stick with Apple. Every one of apple’s products is blind-accessible out of the box, the only holdout being apple tv, but the remote app is 100% voiceover compatible, and I have high hopes for the newer cheaper model that I’ll be getting in October.

The station we watch predominantly is PBS. We had basic cable installed just a week ago since by doing so because our internet bill went up without having cable (a “bundled” service).

Adding cable meant lowering the internet bill - which - without basic cable - was as much as having basic cable. So, for us it was something we’d be paying for regardless.

That being said, I still don’t care much for most TV and it’s seldom on.

Someday, when we get rid of our 2 - 20 year old sets, I’d have them internet ready and we’d begin the web streaming stuff with Netflix.

That’s something I’m willing to pay for since there’s so much there I’m interested in seeing. Though, I’d still need to make / find the time to do it.

We’re in the same situation. We have bundled cable and internet for about the same price of internet alone. Plus both together cost less than the satellite internet we had to rely on when we were in the country. It’s true without cable you don’t know what you are missing, but I enjoy the choice, especially having EWTN.

I got rid of cable when my dish contract ended…saves me 90.00 a month and I get incredible pictures with over the air antenna. I quit watching network TV because of how bad it is and only watch football and sports…my secret is I hooked up my tv to the internet and can watch EWTN any time because its broadcast live over the internet not to mention they archive their shows too. I can watch my hockey games online too…there are sites that broadcast the games free. I don’t miss cable or dish at all.

When my husband and me moved from Germany to the US we got ourselves cable. Why not if you have a huge TV? It was great while unpacking and I watched History Channel while I was unpacking. After that I didn’t watch any TV at all and we canceled it altogether within the time limit given by the company and we didn’t have to pay extra for breaking the contract up.
Having cable was a waste of money for me.

I hooked my TV up to the laptop, got a wireless mouse and keyboard and use it as a huge computer screen and for DVDs… I love it.

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