If Jesus came back tonight and FLEW, would you still doubt?


I hate to admit it, but I feel like a doubting Thomas some times.
I have been thinking about this a LOT lately, and it’s quite scary.

Giving the technology we have today, and with the advent of photorealistic CGI and even holograms, if a person appeared today knocked on your door and said “Hello, I’m Jesus!” and then proceeded to fly around the room/outside area, would you kneel and believe?

To be honest, I think I would doubt and look for some kind of jetpack or antigravity device or wires. So this leads to the second question: What miracle would need to happen for you to truly believe?

For myself, if this person was able to truly read my thoughts and create images and real things out of thin air then I would believe, things that only he could know about me.



I would think I’m mentally ill.

The miracle would be someone telling me things only I know about myself and also an indescribable feeling of peace in my heart. A miracle wouldn’t hurt as well


There was a great Star Trek about this actually now that I think about it. Star Trek the next generation! A being claimed to be a GOD/Devil and proceeded to even create earthquakes and physically transform themselves. BUT it turned out to be a con woman who was using a ship outside orbit in essentially a magic act.


No. If I have irrefutable evidence before my very eyes, I’d stop doubting.


What would make the evidence irrefutable?
To be honest, I was thinking about when I saw David Copperfield live about 18 years ago and he FLEW around the stage! It was amazing.

So in essence, a truly great magician could Impersonate Jesus quite easily, especially pre internet.


No because a). that sounds like a silly scenario haha. And b). I don’t think Jesus would reveal Himself to me unless I were worthy of such a grace.


I’d want to see God level supernatural abilities.


The power of Flight is pretty God Level I would say.


Right. And it would have to be more than swooping around in a stage.


I don’t see how a human flying means he’s the son of a god. Does it? Is that the proof of such a thing?


What does flight have to do with Jesus? I don’t remember anything in the Gospels about Jesus flying around like Superman.


I mean what better way to prove you’re Jesus than by flying around :slight_smile:


walk through a door , or walk on water.


Criss Angel walked on water in mindfreak. I love magic.


GAH I HATE THAT SHOW ! , you know how he pulls off the hard stunts like walking on water and flying, he uses the cameras and they pay people to be surprised. i saw the behind the scenes on that episode was interesting. i am more interested in shows that debunk crappy magicians than the crappy magician shows.


Jamie, I’d be figuring out the technology behind the phenomenon.
I believe in Him regardless.

A priest I knew said, when you doubt, use that as a springboard to deeper faith.
It’s human to sometimes doubt.

God bless you always


Given a sufficiently advanced civilization, say a million years more advanced than we are presently, literally everything they do could seem a miracle to us. Nothing a “Jesus” at my front door could do would make me believe he was anything but an alien from a civilization a million years older than us. Consider this. Any kid today with several jars of water and a few packs of Grape Koolaid could fool the wedding wine drinkers 2000 years ago into believing water was turned into wine.


Wow, you are incredibly dense and have far too simplistic a view of older cultures. These people were not stupid, and given that wine was a staple of pretty much every meal, they would have been more than capable of distinguish between it and grape-flavored powder. This is like protestants who claim Christ converted it to grape juice, seriously, no one who has ever had wine would confuse it with grapejuice…

As for the rest of your argument about aliens; given that there has been no evidence thus far of other intelligent civilizations, let along ones capable of interstellar, or even interplanetary, travel, the fact that you think this can somehow be used to dismiss Christ’s miracles is laughable. Your basing your position on pure conjecture. Not exactly a solid footing for an entire worldview.


Actually, if you truly think about it, back then, a great magician could have fooled everyone into thinking they were a miracle worker, this is common sense, not being dense at all. Heck a lot of people TODAY think David Blaine is the devil :wink:


Oh yes, they could and did. Many of the Pagan “wonders” that have been recorded could reasonably be explained through illusionary techniques. However, the nature of Christ’s miracles precludes this in almost every instance. Even the walking on water, which Blaine supposedly accomplished, does not replicate the actual conditions presented in the Biblical account. No storm, no waves to speak of, and he didn’t bring anyone out with him to walk.

The specific example Clark gave, grape koolaide, shows an insulting level of ignorance about the intelligence of these ancient societies. Clark seems to be of the mind that simply because a society existed earlier in time than ours, that it was somehow less intelligent as a whole.

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