If Jesus had married, would Catholicism be different today?

I’m speaking about a Coptic papyrus fragment believed to reference the wife of Jesus; a discovery of a 4th century fragment of papyrus indicating that some early Christians believed Jesus was married. The text, written in Coptic and likely translated from a 2nd century Greek text, contains a dialogue in which Jesus refers to “my wife,” whom he identifies as Mary. Is it genuine? Perhaps not but what if it were? Would this have caused any major changes in our beliefs as Catholics?

I know that the Vatican has dismissed this as a fake but what if it were actually true?

If that were true, then everything would be different because He would have had children and the children would have been part human and part divinity and you’d have different types of humans with powers like in Heroes or X-Men. :stuck_out_tongue: So yeah that would have changed everything. Then of course not all of them would have been good being half or part human and we’d be battling all kinds of humans with different powers. :wink:

This should answer your questions: ncregister.com/blog/jimmy-akin/does-new-document-prove-that-jesus-had-a-wife

Yet another attempt to make Jesus into just another man.

Jesus is GOD. God who became incarnate for one purpose.

So, in that context, a marriage, wife, and children make no sense whatsoever.

Christ was married. He was the bridegroom to the Church. :wink:

But if he had married another human, then the Church’s entire relationship is substantially severed.

O _ O I’m glad he didn’t marry anyone lmao (though of course I know hes married to the Church).

Yup, exactly! :slight_smile:

Exactly, that’s why I never could understand how people could think that. To think He was married would mean you’re only seeing Him as a man and not God.

There’s no “ifs” with God, He IS.

The idea that Jesus “might” have had kids is silly; God couldn’t make a mistake like that unless it was intended, in which case it wouldn’t be a mistake.

Not only the Vatican but every serious scholar dismisses this as a fake, and a pretty amateurish fake at that. All the actual evidence is unanimous, Jesus is married to the Church and apart from that marriage He is celibate.

Nonsense. Catholic theology would not allow for demigods even if Jesus had had children (which he didn’t).

Nope, most likely fake.

If Jesus did marry and have children, the very first problem is: why didn’t any of His children become prominent figures in the Church? A number of Jesus’ relatives and their progeny became the heads of the Jerusalem Church during the early days of Christianity (James “the brother of the Lord,” for example). Why would Jesus’ ‘brothers’ and their offspring hold such positions and not Jesus’ own offspring?

It sure would have been a very bad example for Jesus to have taken a wife, had children, and then up and leave them like He did, wouldn’t it?

Would things be different? Historically speaking, obviously yes.

Theologically speaking, maybe or maybe not; we’ll never know in our current state of existence. But assuming that that religion as it is today could not exist if Christ were married is to assume that God has limits, and that is an unreasonable assumption.

That’s it. Many of those who think that Jesus married do not seem to take the Resurrection or the Ascension into account.

Exactly! Why would he marry someone and father children knowing He was going to be leaving her widowed and the children fatherless? That’s a good point! :thumbsup:

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