If Jesus' mission was today, how do you feel He would react to the current political climate?


Do you feel He would personally take a stance in politics? Could you see Him ever making comments on things like the gun control debate, illegal immigration, climate change, etc?


Keep in mind, back in the times Jesus walked the earth, there were equally power hungry people around as there are today, they were willing to go to extremes to ensure they get that power, just like they do today.

I think Jesus would have more to say about all the greed so prevalent today over anything else.


He would say something about selling your coat to buy a gun, and something about turning your gun into farm tools. He would say something about the armor of God, and something about living and dying by the gun.

, illegal immigration

He would tell of a story of the one who takes in a wayward soul as virtuous and good.

He would tell of a story of abusing a host as bad

,climate change, etc?

He would tell the virtues of caring for that which God gives.

He would tell of placing much value on the needs of your loved brothers over a worship of lands.


People and greed haven’t changed all that much. His words then are still as relevant as they were 2,000 years ago.


I doubt that he would pay today’s political climate much attention at all. With adjustments for cultural differences between then and now, I suspect that his mission today wouldn’t be much different from his mission then.


Our political problems, then as now, stem from our personal problems. If everyone followed what Christ taught, there would be much less political and social conflict.


He would say “give unto ceasar what is ceasar’s. Give unto God what is God’s” in more modern words.

He came as a spiritual teacher to expound upon the merits of mercy, sacrifice, forgiveness, and love. Politics are base and beneath that message.


He would speak out against abortion, gay marriage, war. He would advocate caring for the poor, elderly, children, veterans and disabled. He would ensure fair wages for all.
He would encourage people to repent.


I think his message would be the same. Broken politics then, broken politics now.


" Give to Caeser that is Caeser’s, And to God’s that is God’s"

True then…true today.


People love to quote this verse whenever cooperation with secular authorities threads come up, but has anyone ever stopped to think what Jesus meant by it? It is often used to justify full cooperation with just about anything and everything a secular power does.

Imo, if ‘Caesar’ (secular power) is asking for something, whether it be a tax, for us to obey a law, etc, that does not necessarily mean we should ‘give’ that to them, its all about what they deserve, hence give onto Caesar **THAT WHICH is **Caesars, notice it does not say, give Caesar everything he asks.


I think this.

And if you’re asking specifically about the U.S. political climate, he’d probably be pleased to see that we’re not stoning and crucifying our political adversaries. Rhetoric may lead to character assassination, but it rarely leads to murder.

And if you look back at American politics, as bad as it is in 2016, it was a whole lot worse 200 years ago.


I think he’d have strong words on marriage, abortion, hypocrisy and greed. I imagine him answering questions on gun control and immigration similarly to how he handled the tax to Caesar situation and see that much of the debate on either side misses the point.

But that can only be speculation.


Not at all. Jesus did not “react” to the terrible political climate of his day. He didn’t call out Herod for living with wife he’d stolen from his brother. He didn’t speak against the cruel Roman occupation of Palestine. His focus was on the spiritual and on the individual. He never commented on politics. My guess is he’d do the same today.


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