If Judaism is a religion of law then Christianity is a religion of

I’m curious to get your answers. Would it be correct to say “Creed” or “Faith and Works” for Christianity or something else.

My personal magisterium would declare:

If Judaism is a religion of law then Christianity is a religion of the law fulfilled and unleashed!

Freedom. When grace powers virtue the law is fulfilled. Far from being imposed from without, the freedom of virtuous living is internalized and made a part of who one is.

truth.Jesus said I am the way the truth and the life.


Quotes from St. Augustine:

“The law detects, grace alone conquers sin.”

“The Law was therefore given, in order that grace might be sought: grace was given, in order that the law might be fulfilled.”

i agree. Grace.

I think that the phrase “Judaism is a religion of law” has been so misinterpreted and twisted by Christians that it should not be used in the first place.

“Law” in the sense it has usually carried when Christians use this phrase seems to be a Christian construct and to depend on Christian categories. It doesn’t seem to correspond to what Jews mean by “Torah.” Indeed, a rabbi of my acquaintance refuses to translate “Torah” as “law.”




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