If late to mass, does it fulfil the sunday obligation?

Because they are simply afraid of losing their jobs, I guess :slight_smile:
I wanted to emphasize that the respect towards God is more alike to the respect towards someone we love (our parents), which is different from the formal, often coerced respect towards a stranger who happens to have power over us (an employer or military superior). This was precisely Jesus’ point when He said if we love Him we will keep His commandments :thumbsup:

There has never been a Church document on this. It was not a teaching.

While everyone should be respectful enough to do their best to get to Mass on time there is no Church document that states if you are late (own fault or not own fault) that your obligation is not fulfilled.
If you attend Mass, even if you are late, you fulfill your obligation. If anyone can produce a Church document that says otherwise I stand ready to be corrected.

Can one make a case a person punishes himself by missing the opening hymn or Asperges Me, the Confiteor, the Kyrie, the readings, etc. etc? Maybe God doesn’t mind one being late (I don’t know this for a fact; Christ did in fact use a whip), but it seems that it would bother those who set up such events when people miss appetizers (at a meal, for example), the first pitch, or the opening kickoff. What if everyone came in late?

Yes, this is exactly what I think - if we miss parts of the Mass, it’s our loss, not God’s.

There isn’t any, but the classic requirements for obligation was we had to be present for the Offertory, Consecration, and the Communion of the priest. A slight variant of this was chalice veil to chalice veil.

OBLIGATIONS are documented.

Being late for Mass does NOT mean you do not fulfill your obligation.

Canon Law states to fulfill your obligation you must participate in the Mass. It does not state any qualifying period because there is none.

Didn’t Fr. Sarducci (the comedian priest) use to say something to the effect that Catholics like to “weasel and maneuver” their way to heaven? Or was it in confession? :slight_smile:

That’s right, there isn’t any documentation. All I pointed out was a prevailing opinion of moral theologians back in the day. It does make some sense through, because those three parts of the Mass constitute the complete sacrifice. It would be logical to assume that one who misses the Consecration does not fulfill his obligation.

You cannot assume that. The Church does NOT specify a time by which you have to be at Mass in order for your obligation to be fulfilled therefore why should anyone speculate on that.

It was a prevailing and probable opinion from moral theologians back in the day, and it has value. It’s not Church pronouncement.

That does not make it accurate. As long as the Church does not specify a time you have to get to Church to fulfill the obligation then the obligation is fulfilled by attending Mass, even late.

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