If London Were Syria: Harrowing Save The Children Video Shows Impact Of War On A Single Child

The video hauntingly closes with the words: "Just because it isn’t happening here, doesn’t mean it isn’t happening.


Yet, at the same time it is annoying. It attempts to blame it on the public and not the media and governments and world organizations (fronts) where the blame belongs. Now, after hurting the people of Syria these non-profit organizations and governments want to go and help. How nice.

It looked just like how all of the articles from WWII sounded. I should say it was shocking, but honestly, it wasn’t.

It is tragic that it happens. But, I agree that it is the fault of faulty governments, not some person way off in another country that doesn’t have any link to the issue.

The big difference between London and Syria… if that happened in London parents would do what they did during WWII. They would send their children away to keep them safe. The parents in Syria can’t do that. There isn’t a safe place to send them. I guess that is why this organization wants money. But, that would only be a band-aid. It doesn’t fix the problem.

Ummmm, the rebels are paid foreigners. It is an engineered “civil war”.

Where are The Syrian Rebels ….If There Were Any
A statistic released under the title: ‘List of Foreign Deaths in Fight Against Syrian Army’ on 03 January 2014 shows an estimate of the composition of the so called ‘Syrian Rebels’. The attached image counts the first 20 countries the ‘Syrian Rebels’ came from out of the 87 others.

…This is purely a War of Terror waged by the countries of the infamous ‘Friends of Syria’ coalition in the name of ‘humanitarian’ intervention, which we call ‘Humanitarian Bastards‘. Citizens of these countries hold the blood of each innocent civilian killed in the Syrian crisis for the tax money they contributed to arm these fanatics, for the support the ‘democratically’ elected leaders they chose have given to these terrorists, and for the heinous state of denial they live in.

It annoys me when people say if they saw a white girl with blonde hair hungry in Africa they would give money but because they are black we don’t care even though we always give generously, we can’t help it if people fight civil wars.

One problem with modern life is we become desensitised to things that we keep seeing again and again, the shock value has gone.

Maybe countries should stop supplying every rebel in the world with weapons and just stick to humanitarian help.

When I visited I was certainly sure Londonistan was Syria; they’re saying it’s not?

The die was cast in Syria when the U.S. pulled out of Iraq. The whole Middle East is now a battleground between the Sunni jihadis and Iran, both of whom want a pan-Middle Eastern empire.

Sunnis who want a Sunni caliphate do not consider state borders to be anything other than artificial boundaries created by European powers.

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