If Macro Evolution is true, Should we let the Sin begin?

Please discuss if you agree or disagree.

What does evolution have to do with morality? Are you under the mistaken impression that the truth of macro-evolution and a 4 billion year-old earth somehow makes God untrue?

How do you come up with that?

Based on your posting history, I’m guessing you prefer to clamp your ears and hum loudly when people tell you that evolution is not an ethical doctrine. We all love to have something to hate, but you have to understand that there are more important things than getting your jollies out of bashing scientists. If you must hate, hate something that’s actually evil, not convenient.

Evolution explains how we don’t need God , that its a self sustaining principle. we came about through a evolutionary process in which morality would be a simple hinderance. So adultry should be viewed as a good thing perhaps. Adultry can better ensure the survival of our seed. Marriage doesnt make much sense either, or celibacy.why should we ignore the millions and millions of years of evolutionary buildup in our organism should we not embrace it? this is what we are. Our Ancestors are Monkeys. We are Monkeys then in some sense .

please discuss

What, discuss the implications of your convoluted understanding of a theory? I’ll pass.

Please, the 70% or so of admitted atheist biologists are sacrosanct. No bashing allowed. To question them is off limits.

But you can bash Catholics if you wish.:frowning:

You are talking about atheistic evolution. I believe in theistic evolution, so your view is irrelevant to me.

The thing that makes us different from the monkeys, the reason that homo sapiens is in the image and likeness of God, is that we can reason and make moral choices based on reason. In other words, we can freely choose to act lovingly.

If you want to behave like an animal, you have the free will to do so. But in my long life experience, I can tell you that it does not bring happiness.

Its not really hard to jump over to atheism once you accept evolution .

If you start from the position that God’s raison d’etre is to create the world, then yes, I could see how you could say that. Otherwise, no. I do not think that you can reasonably argue that evolution, in and of itself, makes atheism easier to accept. Evolution does not make claims about religion, but about that which is naturally observable in plants and animals.


If your an ape , the you should have permission to at least act somewhat like an ape, this seems to be reasonable doesnt it?

Thanks for this superb comment.

Truth Is Beauty,
I have no idea what your point is. If you have read Darwin, you would find that he thought morality was absolutely a good idea and was totally in line with his evolutionary theory. I agree that it’s just a theory, but as Paul noted, “we can reason and make moral choices based on reason” and based on the experience of humankind that concludes that the way society (that means all of us) does best is when people live morally and constructively and compassionately.

your not being consistent then. Your picking and choosing what’s suitable rather then what is true.

Where does evolutionary theory say that men are apes? What on Earth are you talking about?

Most people, religious or not, would probably not make the sorts of connections that you apparently make between evolution and morality. Frankly, this is a little bizarre. :shrug:


I’ve never figured that one out. In fact, it seems to me that a theist who loses faith in deity because he is allowed to view some of the processes God used in His creation was never that certain of his or her faith in the first place.

As to me, I’m not going to dictate to God how to creat things; I’ll let HIM tell ME…and since it looks like He IS telling me in the book of His creation itself, I think I’ll just continue to read from it, and marvel at the wonder of that creation, and the intricacies of the dance in it.

its not bizare at all and please dont pretend you dont know what im talking about. Evolution holds that we use to be apes before we transformed into homosapiens, so with knowledge we must admit we are a form of a monkey. they are our ancestors as ida points out.

dont call something bizare because you dont want to face the truth.

Diane …how does it feel to know that mankind use to look like Ida? please respond directly…

You people are getting dull…Dont you realize the point…How can you expect man to live up to a christian morality when his very evolution of his formation runs completly against it for his own survival. If Macro Evolution is true shown by ida, then you must give up thinking Adultry is something wrong but rather something for the betterment of your offspring since it gives them better survival chances.

I am saying that the connections that you are making between the acceptance of evolution as a theory and the end of morality or religion are what is bizarre. I have no problem with accepting evolution as a theory, as (again) it does not make any sort of statement on religious matters one way or another. As others have pointed out, evolution is the MECHANISM of the change that we see in species across time. God is still entirely in control in theistic evolution.

Your continued attempts to force the theory of evolution to lay claims to aspects of life that it was not designed to address is very troubling to many here. Please try to understand the theory that you are claiming undermines your faith, lest you lose your faith in God over your own misunderstanding of an non-theistic (NOT atheistic!) scientific theory.

you can’t simply accept the origins of man as being from a Macro Evoltionary process and then claim a morality that is directly oppossed to it. Dont you see the illogical construct your forming there? why the heck is this so hard to get across to you people?

Evolution explains how we don’t need God , that its a self sustaining principle. we came about through a evolutionary process in which morality would be a simple hinderance. So adultry should be viewed as a good thing perhaps. Adultry can better ensure the survival of our seed

Your arguments might carry more weight if you could spell properly.

The word is spelled “adultery.”

And the contraction for “it is” is “it’s”. “Its” is the possessive pronoun and does not contain an apostrophe.

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