If man is born a sinner, than man can be born gay

If man is born a sinner, than it is possible for a man to be born gay…

Your thoughts???

Even the Catholic Church is open to homosexuality being innate from birth.

I think that poses troubles for traditional teaching though.

Even if the Catholic Church is open to the Idea, which I seriously doubt, the Church still sees homosexual acts as a sin. That will never change.

No, it doesn’t pose any trouble. Science, medicine and Church teaching are all in alignment that there are many conditions the are present from birth. In that regard, homosexuality is no different than a child born blind or with a birth defect.

With that train of thought, then a person could always be born an alcoholic or a drug addict too. We could all be born with tendencies, but I believe so far science hasn’t found a gay gene. But yes, we are all sinners in one way or another, and in some cases having gay tendencies could be better than the above. We’re all weak and fall into sin of some kind.

There is such thing as a “Gay” gene sorry it doesn’t exist and any work on it is theoretical.

Theory is theory evolution is only a theory so is the big bang theory you can take or it leave it it’s not fact.

Homosexuality is completely psychological if you start rationalizing that Homosexuality is something people are born into then next thing you know there will be a pedophile gene and a beastiality gene and gene for sociopaths and pretty soon every one will have some gene to excuse themselves from sinful behavior.

People are homosexual because circumstances in their life have lead them that way mentally.

It should be noted however simply being homosexual is not a sin as I again mentioned it’s a psychological condition you can’t help having same sex attraction.

People don’t want to hear that though because somehow if they accept it’s a psychological condition then they have to admit it’s not normal behavior and our “politically correct” society wont have that because it might hurt someones “feelings”
The other problem is people equate having a psychological condition or disorder as being one and the same as being a drooling lunatic.

People that have OCD have a psychological condition or disorder they are not crazy or deranged or drooling lunatics.

But with all the LGBT community pouring money into the gay agenda I won’t surprised if this theory is forced upon us as fact.

The Church teaches simply being homosexual or having same sex attraction in itself is not a sin because it caused by being disordered rather it is a sin to be in a homosexual relationship or to have homosexual sex which is also premarital sex and in some cases sodomy or onanism as well.
It is especially a sin to be married in a homosexual union.

Homosexuals are called to a life of celibacy plain and simple and no it will not change.



Please give a reference to this statement.


Please define “. . .is open to . . .”.

Have some nice coffee with the cake.

I’m open to the possibility that one can be born with (a) gene(s) that make one more prone toward developing homosexual tendencies, but I personally reject the notion that there is literally a “gay gene”, whereby one is literally born gay. I have heard the argument that, if there was a gay gene, then in cases of identical twins, they would both be gay, but since often a gay identical twin’s twin doesn’t always turn out gay too, I think it is pretty obvious that the general environment, and then especially the family environment are the biggest factors in whether or not one develops homosexual tendencies.

However, in the case that my opinion is incorrect, the statement made by “pete29” regarding the Church’s stance towards homosexual acts would still stand - either way, the Church will always hold homosexual acts to be disordered and grave matter. There is no possibility that the true Church can change this.

You have no idea what a scientific theory entails.

Perhaps it just mean to have a tendency to homosexuality. It is hard to say when it starts in a person’s life. Most of the time it is acquired - this is from the many cases that I know of where childhood history of a person can be the determining factor.

Theory is theory evolution is only a theory so is the big bang theory you can take or it leave it it’s not fact.

Ooops…You lost me…people not knowing the difference between hypothesis, theory, and law drives the inner scientist in me mad…I might have hung with you if you would have left this part out, or got it right!

What I am driving at is that theory’s change or they are proven and become fact.

No one actually for a fact knows what killed the dinosaurs but there are theories some seem more truthful than others but there is no definitive truth on the matter so no matter o fact at actually killed the dinosaurs.

You still clearly don’t know the difference between a theory and a hypothesis. There is no “theory of how dinosaurs died”.

To put it simply, the two are not of the same category and therefore not related in that manner.

If a person is born gay, why would God condemn homosexuality as a sin?

Man is born with original sin but not one he committed, YET. There are many ways man can sin on his own, including homosexual acts. With God’s help and Grace, we can refuse to sin. HE gave us the Catholic Church and the 7 Sacraments to help us do just that. I thank God every day for my Catholic Faith. A friend of my Grandmother’s brought her into the faith and I thank God for her too. So far we have 2 priests in the family. God Bless, Memaw

Evolution is referred to as theory in the same way as “musical theory” or things of the sort. When scientists use the word “theory” next to evolution, it is not to mean that it is a scientific theory, just as musical theory is not literally a theory. I’m not arguing for evolution here, just giving the scientific mindset of 96% of scientists out there (guestimate)

But the OP is right. It shouldn’t matter to Catholics if they are born that way or not. We are all born sinners. It wouldn’t change anything or make it okay if we found out that people were born that way.

A good one. :thumbsup:

A born sinner does not mean he has to stay sinner, he has to live the righteous life by the grace of God. It can be said of a homosexual too. He does not have to commit the homosexual act but abstain from it by the grace of God. God will help us in what he wants us to do.

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