If Mary was Immaculate, why not us?


As Catholics, we believe that the Virgin Mother was Immaculate, that is without the stain of original sin. If God has the power to remove original sin, why does he not remove it for all of us?


I believe it’s because she was the exception. She had to bear the God of the universe in her womb after all. We could have been Immaculately conceived if it wasn’t for the fall of man in the Garden of Eden. However, I’m no expert on this, so I’m sure a much more learned person would be of better use.

In Pax Christi


Probably because it wouldn’t make much difference. Remember that Adam and Eve had no original sin, had face-to-face contact with God, and still sinned.


oh yeah :(.

I just thought it up in the shower this afternoon and I just wanted to hear the opinions of people on the forum who have a much greater understanding of the Catholic faith than myself. thanks guys


I’ve thought of of this way:
Sin is about greed. It’s about putting your desires above God.
Since Our Lady was selected from all women througout space and time to bear and raise the Incarnation, it only makes sense that she’d be given this singular gift of grace.

As a mother of three, I think of all the times that I sin, that is, put myself first above my children’s needs. Instead of reading the book for the 5th time in a row, I turn on a DVD to “give myself a break”, instead of making a nutritious meal, I opt for the $5 Hot and Now from Little Caesar’s. Every single parent on the face of the earth does this to some extent.

However, with the gift of the Immaculate Conception, Our Lady was able to be the perfect mother, putting the care of the Incarnation above all things, at all times.

Since the rest of us aren’t called on to raise the Lord Jesus, we can be satisfied with the abundant graces offered through the Mass and other sacraments to help us be more Godly parents.



Another thought to keep in mind is that sin always yields consequences, not just in the immediate, personal, and obvious sense, but also in the corporal and spiritual sense in that sin inflicts a wound on humankind as a whole.

Blessed Mother most certainly, though She was unstained by orignal sin, bore many of the consequences of the Fall. The tremendous heartache of Her sufferings, willingly born in union with Christ Her Son, were possible and in a sense necessary as a consequence of original sin. Our Lady still had to excercise Her free will to say yes to God’s plan… She still had to ponder the mysteries of God in Her heart and trust Him…

My point is this; even had God chosen to spare all of us from the stain of origianl sin, there would be no free ride. Sin always yields consequencs. God’s perfect justice demands it.


Once again the people on this forum impress me. I pray that I can one day understand the Catholic faith as well as yall do. God Bless.


Honestly, pharmacist, if one were to chose between having “understanding” and the humility and sincere desire to know God’s truth that is so apparent in your words, I’d say the latter is the greater blessing. Even the most learned Catholic truly understands very little compared to the glory of God, and without a humble desire to know and to love Him better, it is all for naught. God Bless you right back.


Also keep in mind that she was spared in anticipation of Christ’s redemptive work. It defies the justice of God to simply remove the stain from all of us without requiring our debt be paid. Rather than merely being spared, Mary was spared in light of her Son’s infinite merit. It wasn’t that she herself was worthy (who before God Almight is?) but that God made her an appropriate vessel to bear Our Lord.

Had it not been for the Messiah who was to shed his blood, neither Mary nor us would have had any means of salvation. Both of us can appropriately call God our Savior, save the fact that she was redeemed more gloriously as a prefigurement of the blessings which we were to share in ourselves.

Her person is full of hope for us, for by seeing the rich blessings poured out on her, we can have reassurance in the Glory in store for us someday …


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