If mass is co-celebrated


If a valid priest (though it would be illicit) is co celebrating a mass with a woman “priest” in one of these splinter “roman catholic” women priest (where the woman is the main celebrant) would the Eucharist be valid? even if he is not the one holding the bread? The same question can be extended to other non-catholic ministers.


No and not only that, he would be automatically excommunicated.


I once heard of a priest whose parish got a woman vicar. He was opposed to the ordination of women. It was said that he would lift his hand from the back pew at the “words of institution” to consecrate the communion elements.

There are some strange folk out there.


It’s really “questionable.”

It would come down to whether or not the priest (the real one) actually has the “intention to do as the Church does.”

At first, it might seem like the answer would be a flat out “no” but then again…

I remember when HH Benedict visited Washington DC a few years ago. I noticed several women dressed as priests (not a huge number, but I did see a few). They probably attempted concelebration. Did that make the Pope’s Mass invalid? I would say no, without hesitation; it was perfectly valid. I’m absolutely certain that he did not intend for them to simulate concelebration.

And what would happen if any other priest were in a similar situation? I mean, let’s say that next Sunday, some “womenpriest” shows up at my own Mass and without my knowledge attempts to concelebrate? I might not even know it’s happening. Now, of course if I did I would put a stop to it, but I’m asking what if I don’t know? What I do know is that it would not make the Mass invalid.

On the other hand, if a priest knowingly and intentionally simulates concelebration with a priestess…

My opinion is that it would come down to his intention. If he truly intends to join with her and do exactly as she is doing, then objectively, he cannot have the intention to do as the Church does. It would probably be invalid; certainly would be questionable validity.

If he’s forced into the situation somehow (say a parochial vicar who is ordered to do such a thing by his pastor), then he might have proper intention.

I don’t think there’s a simple answer to the question because the reasons for why/how this might come about are so varied.


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