If my Bishop decides to follow Cardinal Burke, should I move diocese to be in communion with the Church?

If my Bishop decides to follow Cardinal Burke, should I more diocese to be in communion with the Church? I want to be in communion with the Pope.

I think you should sever yourself from whatever divisive source you obtain your information from.

Your question assumes that Cardinal Burke is wrong, and that a bishop’s agreeing with Card. Burke would sunder the bishop’s communion with Rome, and yours as well.

Your question makes no sense.

Yes there is currently division and controversy. A good number of bishops have come out and said “no” to communion for divorced and remarried couples who do not live as brother and sister. Yes, these bishops seem to be at odds with the Pope and other bishops who are promoting a change to the pastoral guidelines in this regard. But no one has severed communion. The Pope has not disciplined any bishops who take issue with this new proposal. There is no schism. Bishops can disagree with the Pope and remain Catholic bishops.

it has little to do with my life as I do not decide the fate of other people’s souls.

Stay in your lane. Trust God.

What’s a bizarre question.

Unless your bishop is excommunited by the Pope or removed from his See, he is in communion with the Pope.

If he were removed for some reason, then your bishop’s See would be empty and he would be relplaced.

I fail to understand the idea that you would pack up and move. Can you explain this rationale? It is truly perplexing.

And Cardinal Burke is a Cardinal IN the Catholic Church so to insinuate he is not in communion with the Church is a serious charge indeed. You have nothing to substantiate this accusation.

Cardinal Burke is not out of communion with the Pope, and neither are any bishops who agree with him. What a ridiculous question.

My thoughts as well. It implies that Cardinal Burke, or any bishop that stands with him, is somehow not in Communion with Pope Francis. In fact, the question is even rather insulting to*those bishops.

OP I am glad you asked the question. There might be other Catholics who are also confused about all that is going on right now. It’s not the first time that Bishops/Cardinals/the Pope have disagreed with each other. It’s happened on a number of other occasions. What we didn’t have at that time is the technology that allows the laity and clergy far from Rome to find out about things rapidly and from sources/reporters who are non-Catholic and who do not understand Catholicism nor how it works. It amazes me how many times news organizations give the “Catholic beat” to people who have little clue about how the Church operates. We wind up with stories that are inaccurate and get passed on to others when they are far from right.

It may take a little time, but things will be worked out one way or the other. In the mean time stick with your Bishop. He is in communion with the Pope even if he thinks that Cardinal Burke and all the others who support Cardinal Burke’s concerns are right.

Believe me you will know if anything drastic changes in terms of diocesan bishops/cardinals. In the mean time, be at peace and continue going to your current church.


Though this could actually be/become the ‘new’ definition of a good Christian soldier. Keep an eye out. (in development?)

To the OP: In light of this and your other thread on this subject, I would suggest the only thing you need to do is develop a more charitable attitude to Cardinal Burke and consider the possibility that he is in good faith trying to do what he sees as the right thing. History will judge whether he was right or wrong to do what he did.

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