If not Catholic Relief Services, then Who?

I am a Master’s Student studying Agronomy (the science of crop production) and plan to go on for a PhD in a similar field… etc.

My dilemma is that I feel called to spend my life’s work overseas using the agricultural knowledge that I have gained to feed the least advantaged while spreading the faith of course. I read where Catholic Relief Services has accepted money from the anti-life group the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and so my question is - What other organizations are faithful, mission oriented, that work in an agricultural field so as to look into for a career?

Basically, if not CRS, then who?

Thanks and God Bless!


I think if a pro-life group receives money from a traditionally non-pro-life group that is a victory. Money that could have gone to something immoral has now taken a different road.

Personally, I would not worry if a pro-life group receives money from charities that do not completely agree with the church. If Planned Parenthood of all people decided to donate money to Catholic Relief Services I would think “Good! That’s $X less that can support abortion and $X more that will support the Church’s outreach”

While accepting money from planned parenthood would be extreme and scandalous, I don’t think that the Gates’ foundation has quite the same issue.

Catholic Charities operates under harsh circumstances - don’t accept “tainted” money, and people don’t eat or get medical care. Don’t judge them too harshly based on a single donor. You likely won’t find very many charities at all without a few “skeletons”.

a better question to ask about their donations from questionable sources is “how is that money used”. As long as it is not used to fund projects and activities that are against Catholic teaching, I for one don’t see the problem.

I think we could agree that if Planned Parenthood were donating to Catholic Charities, their motives would be to confuse people about Catholic teaching. Catholic Charities does need some discretion to avoid grave conflicts of interest.

if PP is donating to CC and CC is accepting that is news to me. documentation?

No one said Catholic Charities is accepting money from Planned Parenthood. I specifically said it would be extremely scandalous to do so.

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