If Obama were a pro-life Catholic...

If Obama were a pro-life Catholic, would you consider supporting his policies? Especially his healthcare program (minus the mandate).

Why or Why not

If he were a pro-life Catholic, he probably wouldn’t be a democrat. That being said, no, I am fiscally conservative as well. I don’t believe a healthcare plan like Obama’s is a proper solution to the problem. I could see having a cap on what can be charge for various service, but I like privatized health insurance. I believe quality of care goes down in systems that have national health insurance.

I could possibly support some of his “green” movement. However, I did not like his idea of “cash for clunkers”. We’re in an economy where people are in debt because they have to many loans and credit cards; cash for clunkers was encouraging people to take out a loan on a new car on top of it all.

I like some of his wife’s work with healthy eating and making Americans more aware of what they put in their mouths.

I thought the bailouts of the car companies should not have happened. It just puts a temporary band-aid on the problem. Government should not be involved in the market.

His current genius plan to print up money to buy mortgages is also ridiculous to me. Can we say inflation?

Without exaggeration the whole DNC convention was largely based upon abortion. From Sandra Fluke to Caroline Kennedy and others. Where was the catholic leadership in calling Catholics such as Caroline out in espousing abortion?

Disappointed on this performance.

I think that Sandra Fluke was simply going to explain why birth control pills are not used exclusively to prevent birth.
A celibate woman can contract endometriosis and one of the treatments for it is birth control pills (ARE birth control pills)
Many women with endometriosis want children and it’s thought that regulating her body might enhance her chances.
I would guess that Caroline has come to the conclusion that birth control is not a sin and that’s where her heart has led her, I can’t see the Church excommunicating a Kennedy, to be honest with you.

I would love to hear your ideas about what we, as a country, should do about health care. Private insurance companies aren’t working, too many people lose ALL health care when they lose their jobs, many employers cannot afford to cover their employees and COBRA can cost up to 700 a month for an older person which is not doable in many cases.

You will see I noted capping what doctors can charge for various procedures. I do not think anyone’s tax dollars should have to pay for another’s health insurance. The government needs to stay out of it.

You have a misunderstanding of the Catholic Church on birth control pills. Used in a case of endometriosis, the Church views it as “hormone therapy”, not “birth control”.

Absolutely not, As the UN pushes towards having Obama sign the disarmament treaty of private citizens right to bear arms, I feel he is anti-constitution and anti American.

If frogs had wings, they wouldn’t bump their ‘bum’ on the ground when they hopped. IOW, there’s no point if imagining this scenario. Fiscal conservatives automatically oppose government being in any type of business, from health care to the auto industry to the “wind” giveaway program of our tax dollars which all went for naught in the name of “saving the planet” while killing off the unborn occupants of the planet that God created. Every human being was called into being by the Lord God almighty.mere mortals do not get to choose who lives and who dies without the insane notions that the 'deciders" are little gods themselves. Tragic.

Moral Issues aside:

  1. Why did he commission the Bowles Simpson report on how to fix the economy and THEN table it?
  2. Why did the Democratic Party controlled Senate vote down his last two budget proposals 97-0 and 98-0?
  3. Why has that Democratic Party controlled Senate voted down budgets passed by the House and continues to fail to pass a Senate budget?

President Reagan ® and House Leader Tip O’Neill (D) could sit down and make the necessary compromises to get the job done. President Clinton (D) and Newt Gringrich ® also found ways to compromise to get the job done. I may be missing it, but all I see is this president complaining (4 years now) and expecting everyone else to just fall in line with his views with very little effort to compromise which is the true art of politics.

Is this hormone therapy covered by catholic institutions fighting the mandate?

He would have different policies then, so yes. No I wouldn’t just randomly support ACA because it isn’t prolife. Maybe he would’ve come up with a prolife universal health care program, not a non-universal health care program that isn’t prolife and is more of a burden than a help economically.

If Obama were a pro-life Catholic, he would have to quit the Demcratic Party, as he would be in radical disagreement with its platform.

If he were a pro-life Catholic, that would be great. But he would still be sending the nation into fiscal and monetary disaster with his spending policies.

Edit: Sorry, I just realized this is the “Social Justice” Forum, and we shouldn’t even be discussion politics and politicians here.

Yes, I would consider it. I am a moderate, one of the biggest reasons I cannot vote for Obama is his radical pro-choice stance. No matter how much I liked his other policies (and I do like some of them), I absolutely cannot vote for a candidate with his stance on abortion.

My dad is kind of the same. Lifelong Democrat and union member, as we know, Catholics have historically had strong ties with labor and unions, but feels like his party has abandoned him. I know many like my dad who feel the same way.

No. Its not covered for the same reason your auto insurance coverage doesn’t cover getting your tires changed, or filling your car up with gas. A month’s expense of gas probably would cover a whole year of the pill.

If by “pro-life” you mean anti-abortion then I still wouldn’t vote for him. He believes he has the moral authority to kill Americans without a trial, jail Americans without a trial and torture people without a trial. He’s also responsible for the deaths of scores of civilians.

No thanks.

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