If one is not descriptive enough at confession will they still be forgiven?


So sometimes after I go to confession, I will think about my confession and reflect on it so to say. Sometimes though after reflecting on my confession, I felt I could have been more detailed than what I was. Will my forgiveness depend on how detailed I was. I am truly sorry every time I do go to confession and do repent. This drives me nuts sometimes because I will be all like “Ahhh what if I wasn’t detailed enough, am I not forgiven!” I do not think Jesus intended for the Sacrament to be as stressful as I am making it, and I think that at heart if I am truly sorry he will forgive me. However I want to know what The Church has to say, and what your thoughts are.


Generally, if the priest wants more detail, he will ask for it. It is not necessary to go into minute detail. Do not second-guess your confessions. This leads to scrupulosity. If you were sincere at the time and confessed your sin with sorrow, you are forgiven and absolved.
You are right, the Sacrament is not supposed to be as stressful as you are making it, and this could possibly keep you away from it if the stress becomes too great.


The priests have pretty much heard it all.
They’re not clueless either.
As the previous poster said, if your confessor is unclear, he’ll ask.
Stop fretting.
God bless you for caring so much, but don’t let this get in the way in the future.


In the sacrament of confession, it is the person confessing who is his own prosecutor. The priest doesn’t know your sins, you do. I think that most priests are willing to accept a penitent’s description of his sins without further question. Only if a person is clearly trying to be evasive would a priest be likely to ask for more detail.

And when the priest pronounces absolution, all your sins are forgiven, no worries. Don’t second guess.

But confession is for our benefit, not God’s, not the priest’s. For our own peace of mind, it is easier to be as direct as possible. For example, why say “I broke the 6th commandment four times,” if it would be more pertinent to say, “I committed fornication four times,” or I committed masturbation four times.” Most sins have a simple name. It’s easier just to say the name of the sin.


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