If one thinks/dwells/wishes to commit murder


…He or she has essentially done so, right? Ira is one of the top 7; to dwell on murder, especially as an act of revenge would be an obsession so heinous that one couldn’t clearly think of anything logically but, instead would be driven by a disordered passion. Here is my question: would the act of thinking about it constitue a mortal sin since thinking about the grave matter was commited with full knowledge and dwelling on it means it was deliberate and consentual or would it just be venial seeing as the action of murder itself was not physically committed? OR, do I err in assuming that thinking about/wishing to murder is eqivelent to actually taking a life…though, I suppose, if one is dwelling on it, it takes THAT persons life. I’d like to know how to deal with this hypothetical situation. Thank you all!


mortal sin? maybe. Was it to the point that the person snuffed out the divine life within them? Did they willingly turn their backs on God and walk away from him? Would they have committed the act if given a chance? Then maybe so.

Did they eventually wake up and shake their heads in disgust with that line of thought, then maybe it was only venial - especially if they would not have acted on it in the first place. We do not have complete control of our thoughts and emotions, after all. Confession might still be a good idea.


Jesus said that if a man looks at a woman with lust, he has already commited adultry (sp?). So, the same would apply here as well, wouldn’t it? Also, we can murder a persons reputation. We do so because we wish to harm them in some way. :eek:


If that is the case, then can watching a murder on television or a movie constitute a sin as well?

There are so many shows that feature perverse violence and glorify death. Is it a sin to watch those shows? I have been wondering about this.


Sin isn’t about what you see, it’s what you do, or feel in your heart. If you happen to be watching a movie and you see a murder do you sin? No, but if you start to think “well, I’d like to do that to so-and-so” or “I wish someone would do that to him or her”, that’s when the sin starts to develop.


Okay, but if we are addicted to a show and watch it with interest, aren’t we glorifying it in a way? Perhaps it is not a sin on par with doing it, but we are encouraging it. What we take in with our eyes, don’t we take into our heart?


First, when you use the word “addicted” then yes, there is a foundation there for a problem. Movies and media is for entertainment only. If you find yourself planning your life around a show or shows, or becoming depressed if you miss an episode, then there is a problem.

Hollyweird is going to produce what they feel the audience wants to see. The audience votes with their wallet. If a show is a success or a failure, it’s not based on one person’s view.

Finally, looking or “taking in” with our eyes does not constitute taking in with our heart. It’s the thoughts that develop while you are looking at/watching something. If you have a “gut” feeling that watching something is wrong, then turn away and don’t give it a second thought.

Bottom line: Does the thought dwell or pass? If it dwells, get away.


So, ultimately, would it be mortal sin?

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