If one was baptized and one was not, were we married?

When my Wife and I were married (1978) I was a validly Baptised Dutch Reformed Protestant and my Wife was a non-Baptised Jew (neither of us was practicing). Wedding was conducted by a Minister and a Rabbi. My Wife later became a Christian and was validly Baptised. So… was this a valid marriage? did it become valid when my Wife was Baptised? Will we need to have our marriage convalidated? We start RCIA soon with the intention of becoming Catholic next Easter. I was unable to find our situation in any of the links etc. and other sources that addressed this. Could you please help? This is most distressing. We’ve been married 35 years, “Waited” until we were married, no affairs, three kids all Baptised, Active Church members etc. Now it seems we’ve been living in sin, had our kids out of wed lock etc.
You’re help is greatly appreciated.
Thank You!
God Bless!
Paul Q

Hi Paul,

Your marriage was valid. When your wife was baptized, it became sacramental as well. The Catholic Church recognizes the marriages of non-Catholics as valid. Welcome home!

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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