If people know the truth, why do they still sin?

Even David in his great glory sinned. Solomon, Samson. Are young beautiful women that difficult to resist? Even the apostles failed. Peter denied Christ three times. Some of them doubted the resurrection even after seeing him walk on water, perform miracles (healing the blind, raising the dead). If sin is a choice, why can’t even the most faithful Christian stop sinning? Is it really that difficult to be a decent human being? The simple answer - Love God with your heart and love your neighbor as yourself. I understand venial sins. There is no excuse for losing your keys, losing your patience. Some people do not seem to see their own shortcomings. There is no excuse for that too. If there is no excuse for transgressing God’s law, why do people sin and why does God forgive us? There is no excuse for stupidity, ignorance, gossip. Why is it so hard for people to treat people the way they want to be treated?

A lot of people say it is about self-control. I do agree. You are in control of your thoughts, emotions and deeds. If it were that easy, why do people fail? Maybe there is more to holiness than simply self-control. If you are person is truly in love with Christ, well then would give up all their sins, right? It is common to hear that even saints had their foibles. Some of them still went to confession consistently. What does that say about human nature? Is it simply consistent prayer? Ultimately, sinning or any other mistakes or bad decision was once a choice. Why can’t people simply make good choices? You are not supposed to do

It doesn’t make sense, of course. You can add the priests in there who have done such wrong–they, for sure, know the faith.

If I thought something I was doing was offending the entity that created me and could send me to hell forever, I wouldn’t do it.
(But I don’t believe or think that. Still, I love my neighbor as myself, tho).

Perhaps…those you list didn’t really believe.
Perhaps…the anecdotes you mention are not accurate.


Sin is known to be a sin even when we are sinning. We are not blind to our sins. What the devil persuades in us is that the sins will produce a good that we desire because it seems to be a better good than not sinning. David and Samson desired beautiful women. There was no greater physical beauty than theirs, and they would possess that beauty; believing that even though they sinned, the pleasure they would derive from their sins was greater than the absence of that pleasure. Of course, they buy the devil’s lie, and later learn to their chagrin that they have been duped. That the pleasure was an empty pleasure.

After the fall of Adam… lost of total control over our senses… lost of complete intellect (clouded intellect)…lost of Grace…

Our lust of the senses also may cloud our intellect

I’m curious why you ask these questions. Do you find it easy to avoid sin?

If it is really that simple to avoid sinning, then why do people do it?

That is one of way of seeing it. Perhaps, at the moment of sin, there were not thinking about God. No body’s perfect, right?

When Adam and Eve exchanged eating from the Tree of Eternal Life for eating of the Tree of knowledge of Good and Evil they were given a time limit to explore The knowledge of good and evil. God has said from the beginning that evil will not rule forever. This, we have from birth until death to personally explore the knowledge of good and evil. Although it has not been said, I also suspect that mankind will have a begging and end (Adam & Eve until final Judgement?) to come to a conclusion as a species before God.

Now, it’s easy to focus on how sinners and the corrupt people are influenced by good and evil. We only have two examples of sinless people who walked the earth; Blessed Virgin Mother Mary and Jesus. These two underwent many great attacks by evil and saw much good. Even before Mary made her Fiat she witnessed good and evil. She stuck with good through Gods grace. She escaped to Egypt when babies were being killed. She lost her child for three days. She watched her son go on trial, whipped, more trial, crowned with thrones, carry a cross, nailed to a cross, and put in a tomb. Yet, through. Gods grace remained sinless.

There are probably many who witness deeper bad’s than good’s and yet keep the faith for Gods repair faithfully. God has repeatedly told us we cannot do it alone. We are first to turn to Him. We can do this through prayer, Confession, and helping (& receiving) others help.

Do you not sin?

Humans generally have an Ego problem, and God is very aware of that.
I’m a great admirer of this Verse , Matthew 26 : 41
The Spirit is strong but the Flesh is Weak ,
Plus of Course. Mark 14 : 38
Enjoy Randomly opening your Bilbe and have a Read…

Human have not only mind and logic. Also human have emotions, desires, feelings etc and all those are not under control of mind and logic. Mind or logic cannot control and restrain these senses. But human can discipline those senses in good manner. But disposition of human is very weak so human cannot avoid itself from errors and sins.

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