If persons of Holy Trinity share one substance and not be separated, why were Adam and Eve be separated?


If Adam and Eve were image of God, then why they haven’t been created as one body with multiple personas? In reality their bodies and will were distinct and be separated. Why does not humans share one body with 1000 billions of personas?


You are mixing up different concepts.

Human nature was made “in the image and likeness of God”. Humans are endowed with powers of the intellect, free will, and an immortal soul which is wholly unique among creation, and has been filled with many of the beautiful attributes of God. This is what we mean by that phrase. It does not mean that we are a hive mind that must all be contained within one physical body.

God doesn’t have a body at all, in fact. So if we were to follow your line of reasoning, why do we have bodies?


Technically speaking, the description of Genesis is pretty close to how we view the relationship in the Trinity. Eve was taken directly from Adam. The Son is begotten of the Father, and the Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father and Son.

Technically, only the Son has a human body, since only the Son took on humanity. However, even not accounting for that, the three are still distinct persons, not some amorphous blob.

It could best be understood within the context of marriage. In multiple places throughout Scripture, marriage is indicated as uniting the two in one flesh. By the New Testament, this is very clearly shown to go beyond just a description of sex, considering how Jesus and Paul speak of divorce and adultery respectively. Clearly, though, they are not fusing into one body, and I doubt Jesus or Paul were ignorant of that.

Basically, this type of “oneness” does not mean a total loss of self.


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