If protestants can baptise can laymen?

Well, I don’t exactly know how baptism works :o, but my question is if protestants can validly baptise in the name of the father, and the son, and the holy spirit, lacking the priesthood, is it possible for catholic laymen or anyone else for that matter to do it?


Yes. In necesity anyone could.

yes in an emergency, meaning in case of imminent death, a layperson, even a non-Catholic or non-Christian may baptize, and the baptism is valid if they intend what the Church intends, and recite the trinitarian formula as the person is immersed in water, or as the water is poured over the person’s head.

My understanding is that we can do anything a priest can (such as performing baptisms, marrying couples etc) with the exception of the following two:

i) perform mass and say “this is my body” for the eucharist
ii) hear confession and say “i absolve you of your sins”

Can anyone tell me if I’m right? I think I’m right…

I understand the church doesn’t encourage us to marry couples etc. because it would be an administration nightmare.

BIIIIIIG negative to that one.

Someone who has authority to perform civil marriages, by virtue of being a judge, for example, can do so - for couples where neither partner is Christian. And maybe some other cases. But absolutely not if either partner is Catholic. And I don’t think such civil marriages are recognised by the Church as sacramental in all circumstances either.

A lay person certainly cannot under any circumstances confect the sacraments of Confirmation (Chrismation) or of Holy Orders (cannot purport to ordain a priest or bishop). Neither can a lay person under any circumstances perform the sacrament of Anointing of the sick.

So that’s five of the seven sacraments that absolutely cannot be performed by laypeople. One (baptism) that we can do in an emergency ONLY, and one (marriage) that we can perform for non-Catholics if authorised by the state to do so.

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