If some Protestants profess that all they need is the Bible, then....


If some Protestants profess that all they need is the Bible, then why even go to a church? This isn’t meant to be a demeaning question. I’m just curious if there is a reasonable, logical answer. When I was a Protestant myself, I often wondered why it was expected of me to attend a church. Yet I was told that all I needed was the Bible and the Holy Spirit can help me interpret it.

I’m hoping to receive logical answers from Protestants, and former Protestants are more than welcome to add their own imput. Thanks.

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And not only attending services, but, as I learned today from a Methodist colleague of mine: mimicking Catholic traditions and customs NOT IN THE BIBLE such as her church’s Ash Wednesday observance, complete with ashes marked on foreheads.

And why Sundays? And observance of Christmas and Easter?


Because the Bible teaches people about the church.
The Bible teaches the church offices like bishop, deacon, and elder.
The Bible describes conduct one should have in a worship service.
The Bible contains Paul’s greetings to the other churches.
The Bible speaks a great deal about the church.
I do not know who you have talked to and exactly what they have said so it is hard to answer your questions.


I know one born again Christian during my deployment in Iraq said “I don’t like the chapel services here so I stop going. I just read the Bible instead.”

Another Protestant, a baptist said, "I don’t need to go to Church. I have Christ in me, and the Bible…

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Methodists believe in tradition, just not all of them that you do.
I would think you would know this…


I know bad examples of Catholics as well. I wonder if one should form their general impressions based upon that?
By brother is a Catholic who never goes to confession but partakes of the Eucharist every Sunday despite his admitting things that I would imagine are Mortal Sins(no need to go into too many details). Bad example? Sure, do I think most Catholics are like this? I would not.


Note I said individual Protestants. Not Protestants as a whole. The Protestants I know in my new unit is a practicing Penecostal and goes to Church every Sunday.


Then what in the blue blazes do you EVEN bring it up Manny? What purpose?


I have often wondered why they observe such traditions. The SDAs are the Protestant Protestants, considering they protest the observance of such traditions. I guess this means some Christian Communities have some truth. That will only aid them in coming home! :thumbsup:

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Uh…why wouldn’t they?:confused:


It never ceases to amaze me. Lets be clear. Protestant Christians have several groups that adhere to Scripture and tradition. I would think we would know that.

We know that some Protestants attempt to eliminate all forms of tradition, of course I think that is impossible but that is beside the point.
IF we have read the Bible, and I assume that Catholics and Protestants have done that, they would know what the Bible says about this. If you get a couple of nutcases who say crazy stuff, take it with a grain of salt.


Many of these “Bible only” Christian seem to see anything “Romish” as something being imposed on them. Whereas Catholics look at it as a blessing. This is from my experience. I can’t say the same for all “Bible Christians.”

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I have no way of knowing what your experiences are. Yes, there are groups that are highly critical of traditions.
There are groups that are accepting of traditions that do not directly contradict the Bible.
There are also a lot of Protestants who embrace tradition and Scripture
Your OP is answered. The Bible teaches about church and what should happen, and the leaders. IF a Protestant does not follow something as specific as going to church, they are no different than a Catholic who breaks all of the Catholic churches rules and still calls themselves a Catholic.
Do not base opinions upon the extremes of groups.


Because the OP posted the concern if a Protestant professes that all they need is the Bible then I can relate my own experience with Protestants, who are not practicing their faith.

All answers points to the OP intention for this thread.



Church is just like a school which set the foundation of our faith, Church is the house of our Lord. Everyone of us have Holy Spirit to guide us in our daily life. Reading with the guidance of Holy Spirit is not to derail us of having misconcerption of what the bible said.
Holy Spirit help us in our mediation of the words in the bible, how those words can impact our life for changes. However we have to understand , words reveal in us are different to words reveal to the entire church congregration. Although bible seem to be easy to interpret based on our own understanding, but it is not true. One have to understand, not everyone are Pastor. There are always a different between a private and public revealation.

Interpretation is strictly for Pastor only.


Catholics unlike Protestants don’t believe in Faith Alone or Bible Alone. So when an individual Protestant doesn’t want to go to Church, its His interpretation not to do so because he believed his is OSAS. No future sin can damage his salvation.

Catholics on the other hand do not have full authority to proclaim their disagreements with the Church. They know it is wrong to disagree but most of them are more Anti-Catholic than most hardcore Protestants I know. I have a former commander who is Catholic and he hates the Church with a zeal. I refute everything he said against the Church, and I used the Bible as well. He then counter, the Bible could be change overtime, so its original context is taken out of place.

He does not believe in the Church or the Bible but remains a Catholic. Most Catholic priest will be dishearten by his “LACK of FAITH” and can only offer prayers.

Protestants don’t make a big deal because they have different traditions from their Church traditions…

All official teaching of the Catholic Church is One doctrine, One faith. It cannot change because it is a deposit of faith. So it is a big deal for disobedient Catholic not to practice their faith.

They remain Catholic until they make a public proclamation to leave the Church completely and join another Non-Catholic Christian Church, or worst become atheist.


Catholics unlike Protestants don’t believe in Faith Alone or Bible Alone. So when an individual Protestant doesn’t want to go to Church, its His interpretation not to do so because he believed his is OSAS. No future sin can damage his salvation.

I would not know where to even start…Lord have mercy. Just go check out any book on Christian denominations and leave the generalizations out of this…:rolleyes:


I’m only making a observation and state my opinions.


I go to church because Christ wants us(Christians) to fellowship together(biblical). We are told(In the bible) to put one day aside to worship the Lord. I learn biblical truths that I can apply to my daily life. I help the homeless through my church. Being part of a church family (IMO) is important for learning, loving, helping, and accountability.

So, if you have a bible only believer who does not think they should go to church then I would say they dont read their bible.:frowning:

Just my:twocents:


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