If someone commits suicide out of guilt for a mortal sin, is he or she going to hell?

I asked before if suicide on its own leads to hell, and the answer was generally “No/God will forgive him”.

What if the suicidal person is ending his or her life out of guilt over a mortal sin committed that he or she thinks is unforgivable?

Say, for example, a pregnant woman gets an abortion (maybe she was pressured by other people, maybe she didn’t know the severity of the action at the time). She feels guilty about killing her child, and this guilt culminates in her putting a gun to her head.

Is she going to hell? She commit a mortal sin before she died, but obviously felt guilty about it.

No Catholic can say any person, not even the person who committed the worst atrocities on Earth, is going to Hell. You are not going to be able to get anyone to do so. We cannot know the inner intentions of their hearts or the mercy of Christ. All we can do is pray for them and help them in life to lead a moral life.

No one can damn a person to hell or even tell you who is in hell. Only the Church can tell you who is in heaven (saints) So no one theologically can answer your question. Also, it is just as wrong for someone to say “God will forgive him” We are not God. We cannot damn, and we cannot save. They will be judged by God righteously and fairly. If hell is their destination then it is because it is just that they go there. Same with heaven.

If someone commits suicide out of guilt for a mortal sin, is he or she going to hell?

If somebody dies in mortal sin, they are going to hell. Who is in mortal sin is knowledge reserved to God.

God is every forgiving, ever merciful, and ever loving as well as just. A person that commits suicide out of fear of going to hell in my opinion probably did not meet the requirements of a mortal sin. Therefore, although we cannot say for sure, I stand by the Church on this one.

Pressured to have an abortion, lack of understanding of the severity of that sin, are factors that lessen culpability for it.


I agree with the other posters. People who commit suicide are often (not always) depressed, etc. so they may not be culpable of Mortal Sin.

But suicide is still one of the most grave offenses because there is little possibility to repent before death, esp if the suicide is instant. If death is not immediate, it might be possible to repent, but not receive Absolution via Confession.

But, God’s love is boundless… God may grant mercy.

However, teaching that suicide is forgivable isn’t good either. Sometimes the fear of hell keeps many depressed people from killing themselves. If we start teaching that God will forgive them, then more may kill themselves.

Misguided compassion can have major negative impacts.

Let us pray for those who think of suicide, may The Lord help them find peace.

God Bless.

Since many people lurk on this site and abortion was the example I must post the link to Project Rachel Ministry from the Catholic Church that helps with healing afer an abortion for those that may need as such.


Nobody should make such a blanket statement. We can hope that God will take mercy on mentally ill individuals, but should never presume.

What if the suicidal person is ending his or her life out of guilt over a mortal sin committed that he or she thinks is unforgivable?

Suicide, objectively, is a form of murder and a grave evil. As noted, we can pray that God will take mercy on mentally ill individuals. There is no reason for us to judge such individuals and wonder if they are in hell. Leave that to God.

I never claimed to know more than God. Nor am I looking for any particular answer or any definite answer (expect for what you actually think, which I only know if you respond).

Even if you don’t know for sure, you can still say what you think.

While we don’t know for sure what God’s will is, HE did give us some rules so we can expect things and not be caught off guard. One of those rules is what type of punishment one can expect from mortal sins.

As for my comment on suicide, look at the forum below to see why I say it.


I think the better answer to your question would be, if the person had the other two qualifying conditions for committing a mortal sin (full knowledge and full consent of the will), then yes, committing suicide would lead that soul to hell.

This is not a judgment on a particular individual since we could never know whether those first two conditions were met, but rather the authentic teaching of the Church regarding suicide as grave matter and a damnable offense.

One should never try to figure out who’s in hell, but rather, do what can we do to keep ourselves from ending up there. I know for a fact that if I were to commit suicide right now, knowing what I know and being in the state of mind that I am in, that I would go directly to hell. And it would have nothing to do with any sins I have committed in the past.

The majority of people who commit suicide are mentally deranged/depressed/etc.
Therefore they cannot give full consent. Their sin is the sin of Despair so whether they deserve eternal damnation for this is a difficult question. Unfortunately modern society says we should not accept suffering of any kind.

Many modern ‘assisted-suicides’ now seem to be in complete control & understand the consequences so I should think yes they are damned. With modern meds. most pain can be controlled. Those who assisted like abortionists are most likely to be damned since what they are doing is in direct contradiction of the Divine Plan.

Probably best not to speculate or presume to know either way, and just pray for their soul.

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