If something exists only in part can it be said to exist?

If something exists only in part can it be said to exist? Furthermore, if something exists nowhere and never can it be said to exist, even in part? I’ll share my thoughts after reading more.

If something only exists in part, then it exists. How do we know it is only part , if it only exists as a part? Surely we would think it whole?

IF something that exists nowhere,
then, does this still exist as you have thought of it, so it exists in your mind.

I’m trying to determine whether humans don’t exist or exist only partially. While we exist at some point and sometime we also exist nowhere and never. Does this mean we only exist in part? Does this mean that God is the only existent being?

But perhaps something that exists in part is only misunderstood to exist in part, and in fact either exists completely or not at all.

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Could you define partial existence?

Half a bee, philosophically, must ipso facto half not be…

An example is the human person which is the immortal soul plus the mortal body. The soul is the form of the body. The body and soul are one being in the absolute, unqualified sense, not two beings united.

In what way can you say humans exist nowhere and never?

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You ask, do humans exist, or exist only partially?

You may be dealing with the concepts of Being and Becoming. Maybe ask, as an example, is a baby an adult? No, he is not, because he is not grown up yet. Yes, he is, because he is the same person, say named Oliver James Smith, throughout his life. People mistake that potency is not real. They think that potency does not have real existence. That baby possesses in real time the real potency or capability to be that adult: he has that capability like he doesn’t have the capability to be a goldfish or a raisin. In the sense that the man is really potential in the baby, the baby IS the man. In the sense of what is actual, no the baby is not the man.

So the answer to your question is, yes and no! Hope this helps.

In the sense that time at this moment is nonexistent to us. We do not exist ever in the fullness of time. So we can be said to exist never. In a similar way, the whole of the universe is not everywhere, and we do not exist in the fullness of the universe. Therefore we can be said to exist never. So is something that exists never in the fullness of time and nowhere in the fullness of the universe really existent?

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