If something is a lie or not

If I say to someone, say a friend: ‘I went to X place’; the friend said: ‘Really?’, and I answered: ‘No, I’m joking’. Is that a lie, a white lie, or not?
I dont think so, because the final intention is not to deceive, but what do you say?

I think it might be a better thing to get over playing juvenile jokes to ‘mess with a friend’ and oh, maybe be sure your chores are done, your homework is done, and you’re spending some nice quality time with God in prayer instead. But that’s just me.

Regardless of opinions after the fact, a better approach is to think before you speak.

That’s a joke. The friend won’t take it seriously so it’s not lying. I think lying has intent to decieve / make someone believe the falsehood. No one believes jokes in that way, at east not for more than a moment before they laugh!

It depends on whether you plausibly thought they would not even question your statement. If there’s the expectation of a lack of fulfilling the full communicative act, then the punchline/reversal would be what renders the set-up to be not a lie.

I recommend anyone interested in the topic of lying to read all of Dr. Feser’s blog posts on the topic - quite illuminating.

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