If starting today, all one billion Catholics actually became “practicing” Catholics, how would the World change?


[FONT=Times New Roman][size=4]If starting today, all one billion Catholics actually became “practicing” Catholics, how would the World change?


What would be the first noticeable change or changes?

[size=4]How long would it be before any big changes were noticeable?[/size]

I would guess that Catholics in this country and others would then vote according to their Catholic conscience. This one change would be the engine that would quickly put an end to abortion.

To butcher a quote from Homer Simpson - ‘there’d be (almost) no need for Heaven, we’d already (almost) be there’ :getholy:

  1. No getting to church late if you want to get a good pew

  2. Longer confession lines.

  3. Awesome potlucks!!

  4. Plenty of altar servers

  5. Public schools would be a bit emptier

  6. Police working overtime St Patricks Day

  7. Less “Non Catholic Religions” posts for CAF

  8. Man!! Think of all the holidays!

  9. Hollywood re-makes of “Going My Way” & “Boys Town”

  10. I guess we’d win? (see “Catholics in numbers” thread)


Hardly necessary. :wink:

There would swiftly be well more, than just one billion.:extrahappy:
Lets get to work on it right away!!:thumbsup:

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Hey that would mean more Knight of Columbus too…

if every Catholic in the world today truly embraced the faith, returned to Mass and the sacraments, lived the commandments, beatitudes and works of mercy, listened to and lived the Gospel, by tomorrow morning all war and division would cease and the kingdom would be realized

Just because every Catholic becomes a truly practicing Catholic, does not mean an end to war and suffering. In the early Church, I bet pretty much all Christians were practicing and still a great many died in the coliseum.

My guess is that it might get a lot worse. The evil one would probably step up his efforts against us in an effort to drive us from our faith. But remember, the Apostles rejoiced because they found that they were worthy to suffer for their faith. Should we be any different?

There’d be a whole slew of new Catholics (babies) by the end of the year!!!

:smiley: :smiley: :thumbsup:

*]Seminaries would be overflowing
*]We would have a world wide shortage of hosts and wine
*]Hillary who?
*]Birth Control companies would go bankrupt
*]babyfood companies and diaper companies would see a boom
*]Europe might survive
*]Sunday mass would be standing room only
*]Weekday mass would be full too
*]BlestOne would be seen doing the yippee dance

Why would you think the world would change? There still would be sin. Being Catholic doesn’t make you perfect or sinless! How many Catholics do you know have abortions, sex before marriage, commit adultery, etc? Just becoming a practicing Catholic doesn’t change things much. We’d just have a bigger number of people knowing that they are actually sinners.

Umm the point is that they would go to confession and then try to sin no more… hence all the lists of changes…

Key word “try”…yes, they would, but they would fail. We are an imperfect world.

No, what you say should be for all mankind, not just Catholics…:nope:

And expect to see the number of converts rise exponentially - if we all became perfect Catholics then we’d be out there actually getting people to join, setting a good example for others, and missionary efforts would greatly increase.

:rotfl: :rotfl: look, its twins… :thumbsup:

We’d just have a bigger number of people knowing that they are actually sinners.

LOL, this might be true too, but the key word in this tread is “practicing” (Catholic).

I’m confused by the term “practicing”. Does that make you sinless?

No, but by embracing the faith, the believer also must embrace his own sinfulness. This should lead to an attitude of repentance, confession, reconciliation, and hopefully sanctification, where the penitent is actively seeking holiness. See, we’re not that far from each other.

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