If the bible was directly from God...


…why is there contradictions in the NT? If God was taking care of it; shouldn’t it be perfect in all aspects with no contradictions or errors? I have seen people say the bible was “protected” by the holy spirt; so why is it not accurate in some places?



Great, another closet Muslim…




Okay, so maybe you’re not a Muslim like I thought (sorry) but yeah we still need specific examples.


There are differences in the gospels. Such as feeding of the # of people and such things as each remembering acts differently or not at all.
I know you know what I am talking about and I dont need to point out each one. I learned them at a early age from my mum, who never gave them a second thought. :confused:


You don’t have to point out ALL the contradictions you speak of; just give us one SPECIFIC example.

I don’t know that I would say that slightly different accounts on the # of people (are you referring to the multiplication of the loaves and fishes?) and things such as that are contradictions, necessarily. I don’t believe those have any bearing on the teachings in the Bible.

But for what it’s worth, any apparent cotradictions in the Bible in regard to teachings are not contradictions if they are taken in the correct context.


They are 2 different events…

one time he fed 5000; another time he fed 4000


Inspiration is not the same as dictation. It is more subtle. God inspired all the writings of Scripture, but the work is ALSO the work of the human author. Thus, the message God wants sent by the passage is infallibly true for the purpose He wanted it there.

It will NOT be infallibly true for other purposes. Thus, Genesis is not intended to be a science textbook. Instead, it is a poetic description that tells us that God created us by His power for His purposes and it reveals much about our status in the world.

Similarly, in the New Testament God required for witness to be made to the life, teachings and miracles of Jesus. It is simply not important whether peripheral details are slightly askew. That is the effect of the human authors. Ask any cop, a group of eyewitnesses interviewed separately usually WILL produce a clear picture of what happened even though no two accounts match perfectly. So is the case with the gospels, history is related in the way in which it impacted each individual author, which happens to be the way God intended it to speak clearly to thousands of years worth of billions of different human individuals.

Absolutely nothing of substance is in question. It matters not if Jesus fed 5,000 or 4,000 with a few loaves. It matters not if his pubic ministry took him in and out of Jerusalem, or if it built steadily to a single climax there. The events are what counts.


Right, you need to know just WHAT a book is trying to get across before you judge it. Too many people make the mistake of assuming that everything in the Bible must have been written to be a chronological word-for-word literal history.


If SaraJ is not a Muslim, I will be very surprised. She has come here and cast dispersions on the trinity (see this thread) and the accuracy of the bible - the same pattern as every other Muslim who has come to this forum. Come on, SaraJ, 'fess up.

Grace to you,


Here are a bunch of alleged contradictions and their explanations:




You are not a Christian because your beliefs are in direct contradiction to Christianity. So what religion are you. This is something you should have reveiled right up front.

the only religion I know of that believes Jesus was a prophet but rejects the NT and the trinity is Islam.

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