If the Eucharist is truly Jesus


When we read the Gospels, it is evident that people were healed when they touched Jesus.

For example the woman who simply touched the hem of his garment was made well...

Why doesn't the Eucharist which is 'body, blood, soul and divinity' of Jesus heal sick people?

I have witnessed several people 'touch' Jesus ask for healing and not be healed.

How could someone actually hold the body of God in their hand and not be made well of some silly little disease?

Now, I understand that people can't be healed of everything that comes to them every time or they would live forever and never humanly die.

To me this points more to a symbolic presence because symbolic presences do not heal either.

My faith in the Eucharist is weakening, due to not healing people who are begging God to heal them. Also people can't receive Jesus body because they are 'allergic' to it..and I understand that in this case they are allergic to the 'accidents' that remain....

Tell me where I am wrong...


What makes you think that there are people out there that have not been healed by having the body of Christ in their hands etc?

Also, i have 100% faith in the Eucharist and i am sure that God always helps many thousand of people in their daily struggles through the Eucharist. Its not all about physical healing that can be seen. There are many ways in which the Eucharist can ‘heal’ a person.

For me, just being able to take the Eucharist in my unworthy hands and then placing that precious body into my mouth is the most wonderful thing in the world! It means so much to me. I very much hope that that goodness that come from the Eucharist is given to others through my prayers and offerings.

Just because you dont see the obvious miracle doesnt mean that one has not happened.

I would glady suffer so others coud feel comfort and good health. Sometimes to suffer is to follow Our Lord in his dear passion.

Please dont weaken in your faith of the Eucharist. Where others cannot receive because of allergies then others can help by offering up their Eucharist to that person. God knows us and knows our problems. He is a loving God and one who cares for all his creatures.


The miracles of Jesus were visible. The blind saw, the lame walked. I have watched several people in wheelchairs receive the Eucharist…never did one walk. This is what I am referring to. If this is Jesus, where is the healing?

I do understand what you mean about that I could not possibly know that healings haven’t occurred, because I would have to be everywhere and at every place to know that. I was just meaning I haven’t seen it in my own life. I mean, mentally retarded receive the Eucharist and they walk away mentally retarded, etc.


Who says they don’t? Do you follow everyone out of the chiech and home afterwards to be sure they haven’t?

Those who are just might not even think to associate said healing with having received the Eucharist.

And you do realise that even the biggest Benny-Hinn style ‘miracle healers’ only succeed in a fraction of a fraction of cases?

And remember St Paul being struck with some sort of ‘thorn in the flesh’ that he wanted cured, and prayed about it and God actually said no?


You havent seen those that are in need of healing receiving a miracle so you think that miracles dont happen! Miracles do happen everyday. I have 100% faith in the Eucharist.

Please, have faith. Believe in the Eucharist. Believe in Our Lord. Sometimes a miracle can be tiny but mean so much!!

God Bless


Do not seek your evidence in the physical, as it will rather be found in the spiritual realm. Since you doubt (and make no mistake, doubt is an attack by the evil one), please enter into the Presence of Christ in the Blessed Sacrament. Ask Him to reveal His presnece to you. Then, be as patient with Christ as He has been with you. As Fr. Benedict Groeschel teaches, “when you are aware that He is there, you will be changed.”


The Eucharist always provides physical healing, which is what we need for eternal life. However, there are people who have been physically healed too. This video talks about a few of them.



But Jesus didn’t heal everyone during his ministry. One account from St. Mark that comes to mind said that he healed “many”–not “all”–of the village or town’s residents.


Remember when Jesus went to his own region and he couldn’t heal many due to their lack of faith? And remember that he often asked if the person he was healing had faith? It seems that many of us don’t have enough faith to have an obvious healing. Some do and some notice the little healings that come about.


There are instances of healing. However, there are multiple factors that play into it. Faith is one of them. Also, it may not always be God’s will for someone to be healed for reasons unbeknownst to us. Remember when Jesus was praying in the garden and asked God to take away what he knew was going to happen, but he also said, “Not my will, but your will be done.”? We have to do this sometimes too.


You know, this exact same argument is used by atheists to prove God doesn’t exist. He doesn’t heal every person who asks Him to, so He must not exist. The answer is that God is not a vending machine or a genie, and we don’t place our faith in signs. God can give signs if He wants, and He does, but I don’t need Him to be constantly proving himself to me to believe in Him. Same thing with the Eucharist.

Jesus when he was on earth, wasn’t some magical talisman that automatically healed people when they touched him. He is God, he heals those whom he chooses. This question actually demonstrates a rather low christology. Jesus HAS to heal every person who touches him. No He doesn’t.

Personally, I’m going to believe in the Eucharist because I believe He was God, and if he said we need to eat his flesh and drink his blood, and his flesh is true food and his blood is true drink, that’s good enough for me. He promised we would have life in us if we do, in Greek that’s zoay(spelled that wrong sorry) the DIVINE LIFE OF GOD! He did not say if you eat this you will be healed from every little physical infirmity. Rather, He said the* spirit is what gives life, the flesh is of no avail. (Not * HIS flesh obviously, * THE * flesh. Big difference.:))Our souls are what matter most. :thumbsup:

Plus think about it, if he did heal every person who touched him in the Eucharist, The Mass would quickly cease to be about God and loving Him because he deserved it, and become all about us and what God can give me. That defeats the entire purpose of worship, which is to take us out of ourselves.


Hi Hypothesis, Jesus took on all our sins ! We join with Him at the cross when we receive the Eucharist,this is the great Amen; as we offer ourselves to God; Our joy our pain whatever our condition in life it belongs to Him.

God Bless

If He brings you to it,He will bring you through it !


And he did not do many miracles there because of their lack of faith.

He could not do any miracles there, except lay his hands on a few sick people and heal them. And he was amazed at their unbelief.

There are daily healings, either physical or spiritual, before the Blessed Sacrament. But how many prepare themselves properly? How many spend hours or even one hour before Mass or Adoration? I certainly don’t always, despite my great love for Christ in the Eucharist.


Jesus did many miracles during his earthly ministry, this were “signs” that were the will of the Father that Jesus might reveal his Messianic nature and fulfill scripture. These were proofs to the Children of Israel and to the Nations that Jesus the son of Mary, the son of David was indeed the long-awaited Messiah and that He was, in fact, the Son of God. These were done in the day and hour according to the perfect will of the Father. Jesus Himself stated in John 6 that it is the Spirit that avails, the flesh profits nothing. We have the Holy Spirit, we have the Scriptures and we have the Church established by Christ, where a continual bloodless sacrifice is offered to the Father. We live in the last days where men walk by faith and not by sight. Miracles do happen but they are not to be the standard modus operandi. Blessed are they who have not seen yet believe.
Do not put the Lord Your God to the test demanding signs and wonders as the pagans did and as unbelievers do.


You know what it is that hunts me, that I think of every day since I heard about it? It’s about a man who worked in the cemetries of Auschwitz. He burned his own people. Knowing that as long as he would have this “job” he would stay alive. He talked about how he could hear people screaming the name of G=d in the gas chamber. This didn’t let me go. How could G0d so foresake his own people that were screaming his name? Where was he, and how could he do this? Now, however, the question has changed. It turned into the question: Who am I to take an attempt to basically judge the Almighty Himself?
G=d doesn’t heal all these people, and it’s up to him why this is so. There might have been people who were healed. There might have been some who weren’t.

If anyone who touched the Eucharist was healed in a heartbeat people would run over the churches and chapels for one single reason: to be healed. People wanted to crown Jesus king for one single reason: He fed them with bread and fish. Mind you, the first time he did that he gave the people to eat, says scripture. The second time he said “YOU give them to eat”. No matter what he tried there, it didn’t end well. The people didn’t love him for what he tried to convey but for their own sake. The same would happen if everyone was healed touching the Eucharist. It was, and it remains, a question of belief for that very reason.


No, I simply wait for them to pushed in their wheelchair at next Sunday’s Mass.

Or I watch as they are one less family member from a child that dies and is not there anymore.

And you do realise that even the biggest Benny-Hinn style ‘miracle healers’ only succeed in a fraction of a fraction of cases?

I wouldn’t think Benny Hinn would succeed even once.

And remember St Paul being struck with some sort of ‘thorn in the flesh’ that he wanted cured, and prayed about it and God actually said no?

Yes, I do remember reading this.


I am reminded of a line from Savonarola’s meditation on the 51st Psalm (the Miserere):
Have mercy on me, O God, not according to Thy small mercy; for Thy small mercy is displayed when thou relievest men from bodily evils; but it is great, when Thou forgivest sins, and by Thy grace liftest men up above the high places of the earth. Even so, O Lord, pity me according to this Thy great mercy, that Thou mayest convert me to Thyself, that thou mayest blot out my sins, that Thou mayest justify me by Thy grace.
I would say that your view of God’s grace is far too “small” if you think it is primarily of bodily ills that one receiving the Eucharist should expect – or wish – to be healed.


I believe in Our Lord. I believe in the Eucharist. I just am having some minor doubting right now and turned to you guys for faith stregthening, because you all help very much.


[quote=I would say that your view of God’s grace is far too “small” if you think it is primarily of bodily ills that one receiving the Eucharist should expect – or wish – to be healed.

It just seemed Jesus was pretty concerned with bodily healing because he did it quite frequently.


I recall this, but did anybody who came to Jesus for healing not be healed?

Is there an instance of someone with great faith saying “I will go to Jesus and he will heal me”…then once they arrived, nothing happened at all?

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