If the holy day falls on Monday, does Sunday evening mass fulfils the obligation (not in the US)?

This year, a feast of Assumption of Mary falls on Monday. Would participating in a mass on Sunday evening prior to it fulfil the obligation?

I am aware, that there is no mass obligation for such cases in the US. However, I was mostly interested in the more general guidelines, as I am not from the US, and I will be travelling to Israel at the time of the feast.

Does attending a Sunday evening Mass fulfill a Monday Holy Day of Obligation? The answer to your question is: it depends.
We cannot do a “two-fer” on Mass attendance. We can only fulfill one Mass obligation per Mass attendance. So if you went to Mass on either Saturday evening or Sunday morning then the Sunday evening Mass would fulfill the Monday obligation (no matter if its the Mass of the Feast or Sunday again). But if you did not attend on either Saturday evening or Sunday morning then that would only count for your Sunday obligation (no matter if its the Mass or the Feast or Sunday) and you would still have a Mass obligation on Monday.

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