If the Illuminati isn't real...

Then how can you explain all of the symbolism/lyrics that rappers/pop stars use? For example, Jay Z has a shirt that says, “do what thou wilt”, and his rocawear clothing line has shirts with freemasonic symbolism on it (ie, the dollar bill symbol.)

The symbols on Jay Z’s rocawear clothes, in and of themselves, could very well be coincidences. A lot of people don’t know what the dollar bill sign even means, and it could be argued that Jay Z put it on his clothing line because he thought it looked cool. Jay Z wearing a crowley shirt could simply mean that he bought a shirt from the store. I’m not sure if that shirt even came from his clothing line or not.

But when one takes into consideration Jay Z’s anti christian lyrics and actions, I find it hard to believe that the symbolism he uses is a coincidence/he doesn’t know what it really means. Jay Z blasphemes God by calling himself Jay-Hova, and in Empire state of mind, he sings, “jesus can’t save you”. He even has a song called “Lucifer”. In one video interview, Jay Z says that he’s possessed by spirits, who empower his singing abilities to make him a “modern day frank sinatra”. Here’s his quote.

"“I feel like you know, Sinatra. You know, in my time, you know… modern day Sinatra. So, you know, I try to live up to that. I GET POSSESSED BY THE SPIRITS.”

Another proof that the illuminati is real is the fact that many different famous singers taylor swift, justin bieber, rihanna, bono, drake, lady gaga-all have photos were they cover one eye. If one or two people have photos like that, it could be a coincidence, but why do so many of these singers do it?

Who is Jay Z?

Review the photos of bands in a specific era, they all pretty much look the same. Example- “Hair Bands” liketotally80s.com/list-80s-hair-bands.html

Jay Z is a rapper. He’s beyonce’s husband.

That still doesn’t explain why Jay Z sings anti christian lyrics, and uses occult symbolism.

And Beyonce is? I am trying to figure out not only who these people are but why I should be concerned about anything they say or do.

Perhaps the reason that he sings some anti-Christian lyrics and uses some occult symbolism is that he is partially anti-Christian (or at least insensitive to Christians) and partially into the occult.

If the entire point of this thread is to ask “do some people exist who are into the occult and/or anti-Christian?” then yes. Thread complete!

Beyonce is the one who had the lip syncing scandal.

To be controversial. To draw attention to himself. To sell his “music.” To be outrageous. To mock mainstream values. The whole Illuminati thing is a favorite bête noir of an infinite number of radio preachers and conspiracy-mongers. The thing is, though, why would an allegedly super-secret cabal / conspiracy “advertise” itself on everything from the dollar bill to the street plan of Washington DC to musicians’ t-shirts? To hear the radio preachers talk, there would seem to be more members in the Illuminati than in the AARP.

This junk stuff appeals, and more importantly SELLS to kids who are not catechized and vulnerable.
We should pray that young people are not deceived.

What’s a bete noir?

It’s a French term. Literally “black beast”.
One uses this to mean something that is vehemently disliked, something to blame for bad things happening, a scourge. A problem.

Meaning, people who love to think that everything is bad bad bad, love to bring up these topics surrounding “Illuminati” as a reference to a bigger problem. Like lack of morality, faith, or common decency.

Here’s my proof that rappers doing hand signs/symbolism is not a gimmick, and that they really belong to the illuminati.

According to Paul Mooney, who is a comedian and an insider in Hollywood, the Illuminati is real, and even rappers are involved. Watch this video. youtube.com/watch?v=fIYPyrrsUlM

Oh, well,if PAUL MOONEY says so…

Illuminati? Just sounds like ol’ fashioned paganism to me.

But of course, the conspiracy theorists won’t look at it closely enough to see the illogic.

Regardless of what Paul Mooney says, Jay Z himself says in a video that he’s possessed by spirits. Jay Z admits that he’s demon possessed, and that the spirits who possess him, make him as talented as frank sinatra.

So…what’s that got to do with Catholics?
Why does it concern us?
I follow Christ. Not rappers. :shrug:

Because a lot of young people today listen to rap music.

So, I repeat…pray for our youth.
Pray unceasingly.
God has more power than evil spirits.
Do not be afraid.
God will prevail, goodness and love always prevail.
Can we change Jay-Z’s life? Only the Holy Spirit can. Pray for guidance for these misguided young people and those that hang on their every word.
Even if he’s saying these things to be flippant and funny, it’s a serious thing.
So, if you care…
PRAY my friend.
God bless.:gopray2:

Then he needs his money back, ‘cause he can’t compare to Ol’ Blue Eyes. … Not even close.

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