If the priest at confesionary has no priest clothing


If the priest who gave me the absolution lacked priest clothing including purple robe. Is that invalid?


No, that would not invalidate your confession. Technically, the Priest could be wearing nothing but a pair of socks and still validly absolve you.

Also, confessionary is a very archaic word. We call it the “confessional” now.

Finally, they are called “vestments” - that’s the technical term for “priest clothing”.


what makes you think it would be? where was jesus’ purple robe when he forgave the woman with 5 husband?

also, its a confessional, not a confessionary


Confessionary is technically correct. It’s highly archaic and obsolete now, however.


No, of course not. It is perfectly valid. When I did office confessions with military chaplains in the Navy (Catholic priests, of course), they usually had their Navy uniforms on. No priestly garments at all.


Thanks for that mental picture. Now I have to go bleach my brain!


Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but the priest is only supposed to wear the stole, not the chasuble (what many people call a “robe”) when hearing confessions. But yeah, as others have said, it’s valid either way.


The priest normally would just wear his stole (the little scarf) over his other clothes.
But they will sometimes conduct the confessions without a stole on as well, particularly if it’s a sudden or hurried confession and they didn’t have time to grab their stole.


You can say confession at the grocery store, and the priest good be wearing pajama bottoms and an AC/DC T-Shirt, and it would still be valid, provided he says the words of absolution.


Well, I hope so, since I have done confessions to priests who weren’t wearing stoles because we were in a rush, and I would hate to think the absolution was no good. To say nothing of the priest who is just walking down the street and suddenly a disaster or death happens before his eyes and he has to run and absolve people who are dying. He probably doesn’t have time to make sure he’s dressed properly when the Twin Towers are about to fall on everybody.

I do recall however a thread on here a few months back where it was stated that the preferred practice was for the priest to wear a stole, and it should be a particular color, blahblah. Not absolutely required but strongly suggested or something like that.


That makes sense for scheduled confessions, but sometimes, people need confessions much sooner than that. It’s not the clothes that make a man a priest.


Im Spanish I can not get all the way technical words


Spanish word is confesionario so I have that tendency to me english is a foreign language.


Probably not. Not under those circumstances.


Booth confession? I mean… yes, very much odd and not ok…but, if no one knows…???


Right. The chasuble is not a vestment for confession.

However, if he happens to be wearing one, it’s still valid. That might happen if someone wants to confess immediately before or after Mass. The priest doesn’t need to remove the chasuble in order to absolve; he just does not wear it as the ordinary vesture.


I’ve had confession where the priest wasn’t wearing a stole.


He should he wearing stole as part of preistly minsistery


SHOULD be is not the same as MUST be.

He should be wearing the stole, technically.

However, a Confession is not invalidated because of him not wearing a stole. As noted above, he could be wearing beach clothes and an AC/DC T-shirt and it would still be valid.

Now, if he tried to absolve you by saying “I pray God forgives you, and have a blessed day”, then the Confession would be invalid… but so long as the necessary form is said “I absolve you [of your sins in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit]”, then the Confession remains valid.


Not sure about the priest, but I hope there is appropriate dress for the penitent, if not I’ve been had when a website I will not name sold me a pair of confession pants!:rofl:

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