If There Is No Heaven Will You Still Love God?

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A priest once gave this one liner homily (can’t remember now what the readings were) for the faithful to ponder upon.

I have asked the same question of a few friends and got some good and some quite angry reactions. One said the question was stupid.

The question of course is purely hypothetical and every Christian knows there is a heaven.

But hypothetically, if there is no heaven, if this life here on earth is the only life that God is giving us, would you still love God and follow His commands?

Looking forward to some interesting responses.

If there were no heaven, I would be thankful to God for creation if I knew of His existence.
I’d live the second commandment just as now.

I would like to think that I would still love God even if my hope of heaven or the pains of hell were not in the picture because He is all deserving of my love.

But honestly, there are times when it is the fear of the pains of hell that keep me walking towards Him, rather than pure Love.

I am a work in progress, relying on His free gift of Grace!


Hi Trishie and MariaG,

Thanks very much for your posts.

Just realized that I have not posted my own answer:)

At this point in my life, I’d like to say that I would love Him all the same for the simple reason that He has loved me so perfectly and the only response I can give to that is to love him back if rather imperfectly.

And the thing is I cannot love Him at all were it not for Him loving me first and letting me know that He does.:heaven:

I worship God because I owe it to him, not because I expect a reward.

I would stil love him for having created me and so my best to do his will.

:slight_smile: First to Maria,The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom,so what you stated is good. Now as far as me ,that is a hard question,Ive been down a long hard road,and through so much pain,since I was a child. I guess I would wonder all the time why did God make me and there is no place after this. I guess I would have wanted to go from here long ago.It sure would have caused alot of unsolved questions.We view people like this question sometimes.Why did you have children only to leave them in a state of no recovery?That’s sad.It makes you realy realize,God could have done just that and this proves just how much he realy does love each and every one he created.He gave them choice,chance,and life x’s2.Not to mention his forgiveness.What if he never forgave us.Without choices we’d be proberly long gone.There would be no reason to live,expecially for those who suffer sickness,nothing would realy be worth living for,because nothing from nothing leaves nothing.And though I complain and suffer,if I was never born I would never of had a chance for eternal life.So each one of us are very special to our Lord God for he thought of us before we were born,after we were born and after we leave this place.Praise God from whom all blessing’s flow.We did not meet by chance.Love to all of you Nancy:)

No, because without the Resurrection, our faith would be in vain. Thus, God would be nothing more than picture on a wall or a statue in the corner of one’s house.

"If there is no Heaven…?

Jesus did say to the thief “Today you will be with me in Paradise…”

Jesus always keeps his promises and there is no reason to think that he was not honest with us when he spoke of eternal life. Why did Jesus die for us and go through all that trouble? We are saved from what? Are you saying there is hell but no heaven?

I find the question silly Benedictus.

When I think of God’s love for us and what he has done for us I love Him in return for who and what He is. I love him for his creation, for the happiness it gives me in knowing Him.


hangs head It’s hypothetical!!!

Actually that is what someone else said to me. That is why I said that this is hypothetical.

I think the question goes to the heart of the act of contrition: 'not because I fear hell or dread the loss of heaven, but because I have offended you Oh My God".

Can we love Him if there is no reward of Heaven or the punishment of hell.

Can we love Him just because He is God? For the simple reason that we have been created and given a chance to share in His Love even if this is just on this earth?

Perhaps the person who asked the question should have put it differently. Do you love God because you fear hell? Do you love God because you want to get to Heaven?

From the answers it appears that the posters have interpreted it this way.

God loves us so much that he has taken a lot of trouble to ensure our salvation. How can we not respond lovingly to such great love? :love:

Protestant101 started a thread on John 3:16 and I think one will find some answers there:


:love::love: :love:

I don’t think that God would be God-or maybe more specifically that God would be Love-as well as mercy and forgiveness and humility and kindness and all the things that draw me to love Him -if the gift of eternal life were excluded from His promises. The resurrection is Gods’ answer to mans fear and mistrust-overcoming his lack of faith, of hope, and of love.

To All Posters:

Please remember that there is big IF in this question.

The question is IF there is neither heaven nor hell, IF this is the only life you will ever know, will you still love God?

So please think about that IF. :slight_smile:

Remember, hypothetical.


Well the question is exactly how the priest gave it in his homily so I am asking it the way he asked it.

If people in this thread were at that Mass, I am curious as to what they would have answered.

So really think about it.

Would you still love God, would you still obey His commands if at the end of this life that is it. No heaven but no hell either. Just nothing.

Is His Love (as you know of His love now) enough for you to love Him back even if heaven is not at the end of this life.

Would you still love God, even then?

Hm…I think I need to meditate to really answer this question. So at this moment, I can’t answer it yet…:shrug:

I think THAT is a very good answer.:slight_smile:

All that I have and all that I am I owe to God!

My love for God is unconditional and stems from a grateful heart.

:love: :love: :love: :love: :love:

**Vunderbar!!:slight_smile: **

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