If there were to be a schism in America


where would you be?

Would you be with the traditional Catholics or would you be with those that wish radical change within the Church, such as, optional celibacy, woman ordination, doubt in papal infallibility?

Be honest and explain why…


as a catholic i submit to the authority of the church.


… I would follow the Pope.

~~ the phoenix


The trads: They hold Catholicism.

Women’s ordination and papal infallibility are not questions in Catholicism. They are closed, settled, done cases.


I attend a parish in union with Rome. It would only affect me if my own parish went into schism. In that case, I’d suck it up and go to the more modern parish across town.


I wouldn’t be with “traditional Catholics” whoever they may be and I wouldn’t be with those who want “radical change” whatever that may be. I would remain with the Church in union with the Bishop of Rome.


I would be on the side that doesn’t get swallowed up by the big hole in the ground that develops suddenly. :slight_smile:



I’m stickin’ with you.



I’m stickin’ with you!


I’d follow our Pope and the nearest Bishop in union with him!


The reminds me of a joke. Two priests are in an empty church preparing for an evening liturgy. The younger priest suddenly sees Jesus walking through the doors of the church and runs to tell the older priest. Very excited and scared the younger priest asks, “Jesus just walked in! What should we do?” The older priest responds, “I don’t know about you, but the boss just showed up so I’m going to look busy!”


There are plenty of “traditional” Eastern Catholics that already have optional celibacy…


We already have some openly schismatics among us, haven’t had any urge to follow them away from union with the Pope.


I’m not so sure I would follow the Pope. He may need corrected after all. But there is no way I would purposely harm tthe unity or disobey the faith that his office and person would be preserving.

I was not too sure a few years ago about the American Bishops. I didn’t see the kind of leadership that stood out in any way. In fact I doubted there were any that I would call a person capable of sheparding a flock. Schism was not out of the question then in my mind But lately I am proud of many of our Bishops. I don’t see them cowing down from their call to be a sign of contradiction. I don’t know if the climate changed or they did. I don’t fear an Am church schism. There is no such thing imo. There may be some disobedient dissenters who attempt to form a community within our community but now I believe they haven’t a chance of reforming american catholics into their image


I agree, its best to avoid extremes. Virtue stands in the middle. I think if a schism actually developed it would have more options that those two.




I’d be with the Pope, by the grace of God.


In Eastern Catholic Churches, celibacy is optional. Married men are ordained to the priesthood all the time, and it’s QUITE traditional.




I’m not too sure about the above statement…The following from the Jesus Himself in Mathew 12:30, “He that is not with me, is against me: and he that gathereth not with me, scattereth”, seems pretty extreme. Something else Jesus said about being “moderate”: in the Apocalypse, 3:16, “But because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold, not hot, I will begin to vomit thee out of my mouth.”

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