If this Catholic kid can learn Latin, so can you!

Tantum ergo Sacramentum
Veneremur cernui
Et antiquum documentum
novo cedat ritui Praestet fides supplementum
Sensum defectui

Genitori, Genitoque
Laus et jubilatio
Salus, honor, virtus quoque
Sit et benedictio
Procedenti ab utroque
Compar sit laudatio. Amen.


Well that’s the future of the Church if you ask me! He starts with *ergo *I think.



He’s repeating Latin.
I thought he “knew” Latin
I was ready to be impressed :slight_smile:

very cute anyway though!

He is doing more than what the majority of current Catholics do.

Hey, he’s pretty good!! :thumbsup: I heard a lot of talk about the Latin Mass coming back! Has the Pope made anything official yet? If so, what kind of changes might we see here in the US in the next couple years? Thanks!:slight_smile:

Nothing is official yet, but the motu propio is currently slated to be released July 7th, 2007. In the US we’ll probably be seeing much more Latin and Gregorian chant. Of course I’ll be going to the TLM once it starts back up again.

Why would you think the TLM will start up again? Unless its made mandatory I don’t see much change. I had read (maybe in an older thread) that only 2% of all Catholics are interested in the Latin Mass.

Guess you need to read the parable about the 99 sheep. Who cares how many are interested in it?

Latin is the language of the Roman Rite. The popes have consistently asked that Latin be used in ALL Roman liturgies, and that congregations be able to sing the ordinary parts of the Mass in Latin.

…and the naysayers appear…

Yea, the naysayers appear.

My diocese has one TLM indult parish Archdiocese of New Orleans - one. Diocese of Lafayette - one. Three parishes in the entire state of Louisiana have a Latin Mass on Sunday. I can’t expect y’all to know this or understand it, but I can guarantee you that if they expand the use of the TLM, they will be well attended. If a local parish can have a TLM, it will be attended.

By whom, you ask? A whole lot of us folks over 50 who were raised with the TLM as well as a whole bunch of young people who are seeking…

I’m 24 and I love the TLM. The indult parish in my dicoese offers a weekly Low Mass, as well as a High Mass the first Sunday of each month and there are a lot of younger people present. I’m actually seeing a highly noticeable interest in it from my age group in general.

This thread has been taken of topic. Please return to the original topic or I will have to close the thread. There are other open threads to discuss the MP and its implications. Thank you.

Thank you Jean! Okay so the little one has learned the Tantum Ergo. From an anthropological point of view, it is a known fact that kids are easily able to learn new languages before puberty. Certainly I learned the Tantum Ergo and the O Salutaris Hostia shortly after I made my first communion in 1958 because I went with my mother to OLPH novena and benediction every Tuesday.

I didn’t have any problem with Latin then and I don’t have a problem with Latin now. And it shouldn’t be any problem for anyone now. I took Spanish in high school and in college. Latin is the root language for Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian. If you can handle those languages you can handle Latin.

I didn’t even have a problem learning to pronounce and sing German since Old English and Old German are so close.

jean, keep fire those out of topic, thanks…

i found catholiclis not much appreciate the official language of catholic… is ok if you don’t know how to speak in Latin… i personally don’t know how to speak latin. but i know how to pray in latin (our father, gloria, ave maria,) that’s the first things catholic need to master.
tell you one story. a muslim man not necessary know how to speak in arab. but a muslime man must know how to pray in arab.
if all the catholics know this theory, then catholic will be peace in order…one true story. a catholic young man who lived near with the mosque. normally the mus man pray out loud in speaker 5 time a day. so loud until the whole street can listen… and this young christian man, day by day, nite by nite, this young man started to pray in arab with the man in loud speaker… and finally the catholic man converted to muslim… he doesn’t know how to speak arab but he can pray in arab so so so well… in this case we can see catholic is losing and away the tradition… CATHOLIC MUST KNOW HOW TO PRAY IN LATIN… you will feel the power of PATER NOSTER… trust me…


Yesus Love you. give him one chance to love you…

I’m sorry to whomever started this thread. :o I thought this thread implied a correlation between

“the future of the Church”

and the anticipated return of the Latin Mass (Since in the video the child sang in latin.) I’m afraid the responses that went off the theme of the Thread began, then elevated with a reply to my questions. For this distraction from the topic, I am sorry! I did enjoy the video!!! Thank you!

“If this Catholic kid can learn Latin, so can you!!”

This is what my old teacher of Latin would have told me. 7 years of Latin in school and I am still the major idiot in the family that can barely read and understand Cicero.:o

You’re a physicist. I highly doubt you’re an idiot. :wink:

I had not heard about that… coooel:)

Yes, but look at all the people with 12 years of English that don’t know and wouldn’t know proper grammar if it stepped on them.

Including you honey. “…12 years of English who don’t know…” This is such a common mistake today, it is dehumanizing too :). We are people and as such we are a “who” or a “whom” depending on the context, not a “that”.

Back to topic, I am 49 and learning Latin would be a struggle now even though I spoke French fluently when I was in High School. Why? Because that part of my brain hasn’t been used for many years but I could probably do better than many my age who never spoke a second language or learned one.

I find it wonderful that a parent saw fit to teach their child a second language and if one must learn a second language, Latin is one of the best for many of the reasons already talked about here, it is the root of all the Romance languages!

Brenda V.

Oops, I missed it and I stand corrected. :o

But at least I know the correct words to the song “Take Me Out to the Ballgame.” I lernt em off Fuddah Z’s blog. :slight_smile:

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