If time travel was made possible


…would we be obliged by the covenant rules of that time period? Say I wanted to go to 1st century Rome, would I be obliged by the rules of the Davidic Covenant, or would I be obliged the rules of the Messianic Covenant?


First, there might be a physical problem.

As one travels faster and faster, three things happen as you approach the speed of light:
–you become more massive Mass approaches infinity.
–your length shortens. Length in the direction of travel approaches zero.
–time passes more slowly, reaching a standstill at the speed of light.

If you went faster than light, you would presumably have a negative mass, negative length, and time would travel backwards.


I would think since you have knowledge of the Christ. And His Church. You would be obliged to follow the revelation you know. That being said, You would probably be killed quite quickly.


If you were a foreigner in B.C. Israel and wanted to become a part of God’s visible people at the time, you would need to be circumcised and obey the Jewish Law. Jewish Laws were not binding to non-Israelites and there was no “Great Commission” as such, although with your unique knowledge as a traveler from the future you would probably be morally obliged to become Jewish. You could firmly yet gently explain the situation to the Levite priest that you are a traveler from the future, and he could issue you a time traveler’s VISA at the temple, where you are expected to obey Jewish laws during your stays in the year 190 B.C.


Unless it became possible to time-travel by bending space-time so as to bring together two points in the universe that were disparate both in space and in time, allowing one to step from one into the other. The matchup would have to be excruciatingly accurate.

. . . . which you could do only if you were an extremely talented polyglot who was fluent in the form of Aramaic spoken among the Jews at this particular time. There are social, as well as physical, difficulties that are going to seriously encumber any considerations of time travel.

Too bad, 'cause I really like time-travel stories :smiley:


If you have a TARDIS you don’t need to worry about translating the language, since the TARDIS does it for you.:thumbsup:

Also, there are rules about time travel.

Rule number 1 - no interfering with the timeline!:nope:


I doubt it, because “God exists outside of time” as a NET person once told me. :thumbsup:


Physical, lingual, and scientific problems aside, what do you think the Church would recommend for people permanently or for an extended amount of time going back into the time of a different Covenant?

MORALLY, it’s a tough cookie.

Thanks for all your replies.


How is it a moral tough cookie?

Could you add a little more insight to what has been posted?

What do you think about your question?


I think my question is a thought provoking but unimportant for our salvation currently.

I think it’s a tough cookie because if I went to 100 BC, I wouldn’t know of I was still under the authority of Canon Law, feast days, abstinence and fasting days. I wouldn’t have the Mass, nor would I have Confession. If I committed a mortal sin (if it were possible to commit a mortal sin) would I have to make a perfect act of contrition, or would I have to go to the Temple in Jerusalem, proclaim myself a Gentile and make an offering?

Again, frivolous speculation as to what the Church might say about what Covenant we would be under is what this thread is about…


I think you would be under the new. Why would you be under the old. From your perspective Jesus has already established His Church.

Of course you would not have access to the Mass, or confession, much like if you were in a Muslim country. :shrug: SO I don’t know why that would be an issue.

Can you think of any reasons why the New covanent would not apply and the Old would?

No tough cookie from my perspective.:shrug:


The New had not been instituted yet, Christ had not preached, the Church had not been formed.

Would I be under the influence of fasting and abstinence days when Canon Law had,not,even,be formed yet.


For you it has. You know that right? Think of it this way. God would have revealed to YOU the new laws and covenant. You would have that knowledge and therefore be responsible for it. On the flipside you could enjoy pork in your short life you would have there.:smiley:


Regardless, everyone’s thoughts are appreciated.


Fasting days like a friday in lent? Probably. Yes, cannon law has been formed FOR YOU. Christ has been preached FOR YOU. So you are incorrect that the New has not been instituted yet. Unless there is a way to go back in time without knowledge of the Time you came from? Then we could have a real interesting conversation about baptism!


Sweet, sweet pork.


The very fact that you were able to travel in time would prove that the covenant transcends time, as would your being, if time travel were possible.

My belief (IMNAAHO) is that it will never be possible, that collinear time is bound to entropy, which cannot be reversed, full stop.

That said, in this situation of going back into BC time, the Temple would do you no good unless you became a Jew.

Are you travelling as a tourist, or for good? If the first, your best bet is to not commit mortal sins until your return, as there is no confession.

If the second, becoming a Jew would be advisable, as that would be the only way then to publicly worship the One God.



Lets make it really a moral tough cookie. You go back and you do what Jesus asks us to do and you preach the Gospel. You talk of everlasting life, you speak of putting things in your mouth that are currently forbidden. You perform “miracles” using your knowledge of future medicine and technology. You start baptising in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Then what. :shrug: Now that is a moral quandary!

You would surely be killed quicker than Jesus. You would end up in the Bible as one of the prophets that alluded to the Messiah.

Or just a crazy guy that got killed in five minutes.:smiley:


Since an indelible mark had been,put,on my soul, Baptism and Confirmation, I think that,I would be obliged by the rules of the Church. The promises that I made at Confirmation would still apply, so I would be under the obligation of the New Covenant.


Having never seen a Dr. Who, I had to look that up. In my opinion things like TARDIS and Star Trek’s Universal Translator are cheap short-cuts employed by writers who don’t want to handle the complex linguistic questions posed by time travel (and meeting alien species, but let’s stick to the specific subject here – time travel).

Back to the subject of the OP, I believe that we would be required to live by whatever code we were originally under. We could “fit in” to the local customs of wherever we traveled to, as long as we didn’t violate our own code.

(I don’t think it’s ever going to happen, outside science fiction, but what the heck, we can still talk about it!)

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