If Trump Is Re-elected

Interesting article.

Personally, I’d love to see him go. I think he’s a liar, crooked as a snake, totally self-interested, and one of the most despicable individuals on the planet. That said, I have to admit that, financially, I am much better off since he took office. My investment portfolio is growing by leaps and bounds, and I suspect that a Democrat in the White House would throw a wrench into the markets. So, from a selfish perspective, I’m a bit conflicted. . . .

If Trump Is Re-elected

I’ll flip over to MSNBC and watch the mourning begin!!! :wink:


2nd terms usually don’t bode well for US Presidents. Housing and bank crisis under Bush, Internet stock crash under Clinton, stock market crash under Reagan, resignation under Nixon, war escalation under LBJ, and so on.

Maybe a single 6-yr term would be better.

Any semblance or normalcy or adherence to constitutional constraints would be out the window without him having the need to play to a base of voters to get re-elected.

Oh no, Rich Oligarchs Swamp Rats will lose out if Trump wins again?

Middle class America doesn’t care if some billionaire banker is going to lose a few hundred thousand dollars of his portfolio because Trump wants to change the Fed Chairman

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