If u live in Tampa Bay area--do you have OB/GYN recommendation?


Preferrably one who is very specialized with the NFP practice? As many of you know, we moved here in the summer…and I did not have a ‘need’ to find a doctor just yet, but my annual exam is coming up soon–and I want to see if I can find a highly recommended doctor (preferrably female) who knows and believes in NFP.

Your help is appreciated!



Type in your zip code

God Bless!


You and mamacita are just fountains of knowledge, aren’t you?:smiley: Thank you, MM…I will check this out–and let you know if I find a good one!


:blush: We try.

I remembered that she searched here when we were thinking of moving to CO.

Hope you find a good one. We love her OB/GYN! Such a blessing!


Oh no…I just plugged in my zip, and there is only one ‘teacher,’ not an OB/GYN, remotely near where I live. Maybe there are other sites? Do you know of any other sites at all? The local hospitals do have ‘classes’ on it, but our health insurance would pay if I were linking this to an annual visit. I need to contact my parish, too.

If you are a female, living in or around Tampa Bay, follow NFP, and have an awesome doctor – please, I would love to hear from you. If you could pm me, even, would be great! Thank you.


WG, you may want to try the Diocesan Office or someone involved with Engaged Encounter or Marriage Encounter too. In our area those folks also are in the know of Catholic Health Care Professionals.


Thanks, TIME. I sent an email to our parish manager, too…maybe she can help, or at least provide sites? I think they have classes at this parish…I’m hopeful of finding someone who can be my doc, and be my NFP ‘coach.’ We’ll see.


Have you talked to your usual OB/GYN about NFP?

I was afraid to bring it up with mine after DS was born b/c she kept offering me the pill or an iud, but once I said, “Do you have any patients who practice NFP, b/c we’re Catholic so that’s our only option,” she immediately was apologetic and talked to me about it, proving that she was fairly knowledgeable about it…:slight_smile: I think most docs assume you want bc, so they might not be forthcoming if they have NFP knowledge. :shrug:


I would…but she is back in PA. We moved to Florida back in the summer, and I have not yet sought out a new OB/GYN.


Call the NFP-only docs that are near you. (pediatrician or whatever)

I see that there are a few family practice docs there. Get in their office as soon as you can. They might at least know people who are practicing but are not on the list yet…

Also, our diocesan NFP office has a list too so you can check them out.

I know someone here that drives over an hour to get to the NFP-only OB. I would too…they are worth it!


**Are you talking about me??? :smiley: :shrug: **


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