If Universal TLM Indult Comes To Your Parish - How Often Would You Go?


As we await news from the Vatican over the next couple of months about the Universal Indult, I have read some blogs that are suggesting that the Holy Father is considering language to “encourage” parishes over a certain size to hold at least one TLM each weekend in “prime time” no less. That means no inconvenient 6:30 AM or 1:30 PM slots. Even if that does not happen, suppose one of the main Masses at your parish became a TLM, how often would you consider going and why?

Most Protestant churches nowadays have a contemporary service and a traditional or liturgical service each weekend. What would be wrong with the Catholic Church trying to follow that model?


If it came to my parish, probably fairly frequently. If it came to another parish, probably far less often. We shopped around a long time for a parish, and I really like this community (with an awfully reverant NO mass); I serve at mass; etc. It would be hard to give that up, though the TLM is indeed tempting.


There’s nothing wrong with the idea of reserving certain Sunday Masses as NO and others to be TLM.

My preference will probably always be for the NO, but I’d be willing to go to the TLM at least a few times for sure.


I’d go strictly to the Tridentine Mass. The “other” Mass is not even a consideration.


I’d go to the Tridentine. The “other” Mass would not even be a consideration provided the Tridentine was available.


I would make an effort to go occationally, more often if I found that I liked it - I’ve never been to one, but I have a fondness for a more traditional aesthetic.

I live about fifteen minutes away from at least six Catholic churches, so I’m really hoping at least one of them will offer a TLM if an indult is granted. I think four of the churches have old high altars still in place, and two still have communion rails.


Pax vobiscum!

I would go on occasion, but probably not every week. I do like the additional readings in the NO, and the fact that I can discuss them with others who have been to the NO that week. And, the NO I attend already uses Latin, chant, incense, Communion rail, and the pastor does the old Dominican Rite Mass once a month (Low Mass) and on certain feastdays (High Mass). If I were in the position of some of the members here, though, where there is only folk or teen Masses available, then I would probably go to the TLM most of the time.

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darn, It would be one of happiest moments of my life, if it came to any parish within 50 miles! Oh Gosh do I wish.


Probably would attend the Latin Mass frequently, alternate choice being Spanish. What are the odds there will be greater access to the “Tridentine” Mass in Orange County, California?


IF this happens, and the Old Rite Mass was offered every sunday at my parish, i would most likely never go to a NO again.


I would go to the TLM every day and never look back.





My take on this may be a little different. I don’t consider the Tradtional Latin Mass to have been outlawed in the first place since the Papal Bull Quo Primum allowed in perpetuity that no Priest could ever be legally restricted from say it. Therefore, I attend the TLM every Sunday and many times during the week.



What do you think of the EWTN NO?
That is what is at my parish. Only we kneel for communion and receive by intinction.


I might go one time just for the experience, but I detested it when I grew up with it and can’t imagine ever going back to something I had to sit and translate rather than being able to absorb and understand each word I heard as Mass went along.

That being said, I fully understand that others are drawn to it for whatever reasons they may have, and am excited for any way that God communicates His love to His people.

We all “image” God in different ways based on our background, temperment, experience, etc, so having different ways to experience a liturgy that allows God to best speak to us is a wonderful thing in my mind and I will applaud the indult if it comes through.



No choice above fit our situation - because of CCD commitments, our Mass schedule is set for us. Should the Mass we attend be changed to TLM, we would be there. If the TLM were at another time, we would only be able to attend occasionally or in the “off CCD” season.


Pax tecum!

Same with mine, except for the intinction (and there is a choir that can sing polyphony!). People can ask to recieve from the cup if they wish, though, and Father will go to the altar and bring it to them.

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We would go probably once a month or so. Not every week, because I think it’s important for the kids to hear the mass in the vernacular so they can understand it better. But I also think we should encourage an appreciation for the traditional mass. Best of both worlds!


Primary…but I don’t expect it being promoted in Los Angeles…



It’s kind of another faulty poll because I would probably only go for a scheduling conflict but I might choose to go at some other point although I don’t think it would necessarily be a really special effort. I don’t have a problem with the TLM (and we have one already) but I prefer the Novus Ordo (almost like Netslilsmom but no intiction). If my friend’s kid were, say, making their First Communion, Confirmation, etc.at the TLM, I wouldn’t hesitate to go.

I weary of the posts and polls that seem to pit one Mass against another. Just because one prefers one Mass doesn’t mean that they detest the other.

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