If we are bound to vote for the lesser evil. Shouldn't we all vote for the American Solidarity Party?

We are bound to vote for the lesser evil between candidates when both candidates have morally objectional platforms.

If that is the case, wouldn’t we all be called to vote for the American Solidarity Party because they have NO objectional platforms and are perfectly aligned with Catholic teaching?

Isn’t voting for someone who is pro-life but passive about climate change over someone who is both pro-life and pro-environmentalist simply because they have a better chance of winning morally wrong?


In the US it doesn’t make much sense to do so. The two party control is pretty ingrained in the culture at this point, and historically as soon as one of the two leading parties went belly up, a new contender quickly became ingrained.

I also don’t know if the ASP is perfectly aligned with Catholic teaching, as certain policies such as universal healthcare are rather debatable from a Catholic perspective.


Universal health care is perfectly acceptable in Catholic doctrine. Opinions can differ as to its desirability in a given society but as far as Catholic teaching goes there’s nothing wrong with it.


Sure I don’t think there’s anything objectively contrary to the faith.
I’m just trying to think of reasons why the ASP might have more preferable options to the GOP. So far the differences seem to all be within the level of acceptable choice.


The reason America is so polarized is because most people won’t take the chance in voting for a 3rd party and thus the two party system continues to be a thing. It only takes a good chunk of the American people to vote for a third party to make the system finally fall apart.


I’ve never even heard of this party.


That is very far from true.

More accepting of refugees, focused on prison reform, abolishing no fault divorce, etc.

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How so? Some countries have universal healthcare without banning private insurance.


Was that at me? I don’t know what that has to do with ASP.

Yes it was at you. You replied to someone saying that universal healthcare is debatable from a Catholic perspective.

Okay, so how does what you said relate to what I said? I don’t get it.

Because ASP-interested folks might be in this thread… FYI, I just posted a new thread with a video of a three-way Zoom debate featuring representatives of the Republican, Democratic and American Solidarity Parties at:

Unfortunately elections in the United States are geared towards a two-party system. Voting for a third party is not only often unlikely to yield results, but will often have a spoiler effect and prevent the major party that’s ideologically closer to the third party from winning.


Yeah, because this thought is perpetuated to the point that the Collective Action Problem cannot be overcome. Society in general represses third party voters by telling them their votes won’t matter and that they’ll lose anyways so just vote for [insert party here]. This leads them to not vote third party, which leads to them “proving” that third parties aren’t good since they got no votes in the election, repeating the cycle.


Not true. We can choose to not vote at all which I have done many times.


That makes sense, although I know next to nothing about this party compared to the others. You have to vote in good conscience.

This isn’t realistic.

What do you mean by “a good chunk?”

The last 3rd Party candidate that earned even a respectable number of votes was Ross Perot in 1992. He won 18.91 % of the Popular vote, but failed to win any states in the Electoral vote.

I would call 18.91% “a good chunk”, but it didn’ get him anywhere near the Presidency as, like Secy of State Hillary Clinton, he failed to take into consideration the Electoral College, which, thank God, prevents the Presidency from becoming a "popularity contest."

There was a lot of talk at the time that Mr. Perot cost Pres. Bush (old Bush) the Presidency, as Gov. Bill Clinton won and became our President, and we ended up with 8 years of fun and food and sex scandals (remember the cigar?) and an impeachment and all the rest, and of course, First Lady Hillary Clinton making a mess out of her attempt to create a national healthcare system. But at least Pres. Clinton was great for business–the economy did well during his Presidency, and he was very likeable (according to a poll of Secret Service, he was their favorite President to work for).

A “good chunk” of popular vote will not make the system finally fall apart. From what we have seen in American history, what will make the system finally fall apart is when a majority of people recognize that a political party has a platform that is objectionable, based on false premises, racist, and out-of-date, and simply stop voting for candidates in that party. However, when this happens, a new political party rises to fill the gap and create a new 2-party system.

I do agree with you that it is unfortunate that we don’t have several viable politicial parties. I wish we had a system like Germany where several political parties (4?) earn seats in their governing body.

However, I don’t think this is likely because we have such a melting pot of races, nationalities, ethnicities, religions, income levels, etc., and 50 states that are extremely different in their climates, topographies, tourist appeal, business development, etc. We would end up with dozens and dozens of political parties and it would be difficult for any one party to muster up enough votes to win the Electoral College and hence the Presidency.

But it would sure be nice to see a plurality of parties in the House and Senate instead of the two warring parties constantly locking horns and getting nothing done.


I voted ASP. And I think they’re consistent with Catholic teaching. But I recognize that their economic/welfare approach is something a Catholic can disagree with in good faith.


Everyone should support Ranked Choice Voting if it comes up in your state. It’s simple, just indicate whose your first choice, second choice, third choice (etc…) for as many or as few candidates as you want, and you can vote third party without so-called “wasting” your vote if they turn out not to be viable. That applies whether you’d prefer to vote ASP or Libertarian. It probably won’t create any major shake ups in the presidential race right now, but you could see results in both state and federal legislatures.


If there’s any “spoiling,” the two major parties are to blame for it. If they put up more desirable candidates, they won’t have this problem. I refuse to take responsibility for the poor choices of the RNC and DNC. If they want votes, they can put up people worth earning them.

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