If we go to heaven, will we be aware of what is happening on earth?

This is something that has made me both scared and excited for death.

I’m partly affraid of not knowing what happens after I die, or rather, missing out on whatever good has to come, specifically the triumph of good over evil on earth. Then again, I’m partly excited at the prospect of not really caring what happens on earth, because I’ll already be united with God.

But… I still think it would be nice to know what’s going on. It seems like a heavenly soul to at least some extent would have to know what is going on on earth. We pray to ordinary, non-divine, people who have gone before us and have been recognized as saints, and often times they intervene on our behalf. If they hear our prayers, they must necessarily have at least a partial connection to earth, the very minimum being the ability to hear earthly prayers. If they intervene on our behalf, it would seem then that they would have to have a substantial understanding of whatever situation is at hand.

So will we know what is going on on Earth? Will we have a bird’s eye view from the heavens? Will we be able to take a stroll through earthly woods when we are not busy basking in God’s presence?

I’m also sort of wondering, and this is a bit off topic, will everything be known to us in heaven? Will we view history like God and the angels, where they know and see everything all at once? Or will we know nothing? Or will we only know what we have learned while on earth?

We will now what’s going on in heaven. Now on the topic of knowledge in heaven we will view things differently but not like God because we are still human. We will see things like the angels see things. We only know our earthy knowledge but we can learn new things in a much faster and better way. My guardian angel once told me when I die she will teach me the language of the angels

How come my guardian angel does not talk to me?

The people in Heaven are still part of the Church. They are the Church triumphant, while we here on earth are the Church Militant. People in purgatory are the Church suffering. This is the communion of the saints. The people in Heaven pray for us.

I like to think that our LORD would be holding and comforting me, and I’d see everything reflected in HIS eyes :):):slight_smile:


I am inclined to agree with that; or at least hope so. Not so sure about guardian angel bit though.

In Revelation 6:9-10, John saw martyrs in heaven who were aware that God had not yet enacted retribution against those on earth who had persecuted them. The martyrs pleaded that this take place. This is a biblical case for the idea that saints in heaven are aware of what takes place on earth, and, as a result, request God to intervene in earthly events.

It’s a mystery, and we have to learn to be OK with that. :slight_smile:

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