If we're justly punished in Purgatory, then why was Jesus punished?

If we go to Purgatory and get all of our sins burned out, we’re punished and freed from our sins according to their length and all is fair and just, then why did Jesus suffer? We ourselves already justfully get punished for our own sins.
If we already justfully get punished in Purgatory for our sins, then why did Jesus have to be punished for our sins? It doesn’t seem to make any sense to me…it’s as if Jesus went through uneccesary pain for no reason!

Dear PMV,

There is no way that a mere mortal could make up for the affront to God that Adam and Eve’s sin was. To disobey God is not a minor matter because of God’s infinite goodness. We get a hint of the magnitude of that sin when we see what Jesus went through to make amends for it. He was able to do this because He is both God and Man. Purgatory could in no way repair the magnitude of the Fall
I have used this example often before. Say I drop a pitcher of orange juice on my mother’s kitchen floor. I then apologize for the mess and my mother forgives me. I am at that point forgiven. But there is still the mess on the floor for which I am responsible. So I do what is necessary to clean up the mess. This is the function that purgatory fills. . Purgatory cleans up the mess our sins leave behind.

Jesus has redeemed us as only He can. But we are still responsible for the temporal punishment for the sins we commit.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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