If you believe in guardian angels...

what else do you think that they do besides, well, being guardians?

Well one of the ways they would guard is by asking (prayer) God to help us!

I always believed they remain kind of neutral or passive unless we ask for their help. I do believe they are there for us. I ve also read that we can ask them to help others who are in need if we want to.

Do you have any specific question maybe? It’s an interesting topic…

Well a former friend of mine who believed she communicated with angels believed that she could ask her guardian angel to speak to anothers guardian angel and get the other person’s guardian angel to assist the other person.

I have seen Arch Angel Michael standing over my bed once but other then that I haven’t really thought much about guardian angels or what they do for us.

I think they are messengers. But how they give us messages I am not sure.

Arch Angel Raphael is supposed to assist with healing if you pray to him. I think it is him.

There are lots of things written about seeking certain requests of certain angels, but because I have no idea who writes these things or where the belief comes from I personally just stick to the idea that they guard over us.

There must be more than that…
(I’ll try to keep my answers until I read most of the answers… or better yet I’ll just shut up for a while.):slight_smile:

No specific question. Simple as that.:slight_smile:

This excerpt from a sermon by St. Bernard of Clairvaux (Sermo 12 in psalmum Qui habitat, 3. 6-8: Opera omnia, Edit. Cisterc. 4 [1966], 458-462) is used in the Roman Office of Readings for the memorial of the Guardian Angels on October 2.

He has given his angels charge over you to guard you in all your ways. Let them thank the Lord for his mercy; his wonderful works are for the children of men. Let them give thanks and say among the nations, the Lord has done great things for them. O Lord, what is man that you have made yourself known to him, or why do you incline your heart to him? And you do incline your heart to him; you show him your care and your concern. Finally, you send your only Son and the grace of your Spirit, and promise him a vision of your countenance. And so, that nothing in heaven should be wanting in your concern for us, you send those blessed spirits to serve us, assigning them as our guardians and our teachers.

He has given his angels charge over you to guard you in all your ways. These words should fill you with respect, inspire devotion and instil confidence; respect for the presence of angels, devotion because of their loving service, and confidence because of their protection. And so the angels are here; they are at your side, they are with you, present on your behalf. They are here to protect you and to serve you. But even if it is God who has given them this charge, we must nonetheless be grateful to them for the great love with which they obey and come to help us in our great need.

So let us be devoted and grateful to such great protectors; let us return their love and honour them as much as we can and should. Yet all our love and honor must go to him, for it is from him that they receive all that makes them worthy of our love and respect.

We should then, my brothers, show our affection for the angels, for one day they will be our co-heirs just as here below they are our guardians and trustees appointed and set over us by the Father. We are God’s children although it does not seem so, because we are still but small children under guardians and trustees, and for the present little better than slaves.

Even though we are children and have a long, a very long and dangerous way to go, with such protectors what have we to fear? They who keep us in all our ways cannot be overpowered or led astray, much less lead us astray. They are loyal, prudent, powerful. Why then are we afraid? We have only to follow them, stay close to them, and we shall dwell under the protection of God’s heaven.

accessed from http://www.crossroadsinitiative.com/library_article/259/Guardian_Angels__St._Bernard.html

You think that’s not enough? I’m sure it’s more than a full-time job for my angel, whoever he or she may be. Deserves some serious angel brownie points!

Yeah…we should probably buy are angels flowers or something!
Actually…that’s not a bad idea!

I would let my angel take a vacation day, but that might be bad!

Laugh at how incredibly blind I can be at times. Sometimes I am their entertainment.

Oh, I believe in angels and I believe that mine has guided me and I listen. No, I don’t hear voices or anything like that - but I get feelings that I am guided.

When I wasn’t listening, during my life, I can say that it showed in what I did and said. And I am not too proud of those times.

All you have to do is be quiet and you can hear.

What else do they do? Well, I think they are there to make sure we are not alone. They know that humans are social creatures, but also we are very much alone too.

I can’t believe that I found this thread because I was just praying and was thanking my guardian angel for guiding me to this point in my life. But, just thinking about God and just saying thank you to Him too - He is the one who gave me the ability to do what I am doing and He is the one who made me strong in the face of adversity. I like to sort of not say it in words though. Don’t get me wrong - I feel calm when I say the words of prayer, I love saying the rosary too, but I love just praying without words and without the brain using words to express things. that is usually when I start recognizing my guardian angel.

thanks for listening.

Hey, that is the least we can do for them! :wink: … be their entertainment. If angels have eyes - I am sure mine has rolled His eyes quite a few times. (funny - I didn’t know what pronoun to use - ‘Him’ or ‘Her’, and ‘It’ just sounded inappropriate. So, I just resorted to what I was taught in school and used the masculine pronoun.) I have probably been mine’s disappointment way too often!!:blush:

I’m sure the occasional prayer of thanks to your angel (not to mention thanking God for giving us our angels) is the nicest thing you can do for 'em - being spirits I don’t know that they have much appreciation for flowers :flowers:

I was mostly being facetious with my comment, I am sure you sensed this.

But yours is actually real advice! and great advice!

Mine has gone WAY beyond rolling his eyes. Now he just closes them and shakes his head.

:smiley: :thumbsup:
If your ears start ringing then you know they’re entertained!
Mine’s getting louder!:smiley:

Hello kyria,

Does that mean also they’re not empty-handed? Like… they carry a messenger bag or something?:slight_smile:

Hello LilyM,
So, in what way you keep your angel busy?

Sorry, that information definitely comes under angel-human confidentiality :wink:

:thumbsup: Good post!
I think they do more than that, though. :slight_smile:

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